How a Safety Retail Audit Can Drop Your Bookseller Risks

    LIBRIS, the insurance program supported by ABA that offers tailored, affordable bookstore coverage, is encouraging booksellers to schedule a regular retail safety audit to help lower their liability.

    Book an Appointment With Business Service Providers at the Wi13 Consultation Station

    The Consultation Station at Winter Institute 13 features representatives from 34 of ABA’s affiliated business solution partners, POS vendors, and other service providers.

    PartnerShip, FedEx Team Up to Offer Rewards

    Members enrolled in the ABA shipping program with PartnerShip can now earn rewards through the My FedEx Rewards program.

    New Affiliate Program With Lovepop Features 3D Greeting Cards

    Through the American Booksellers Association’s new Lovepop affinity program, booksellers can purchase high-quality 3D paper art greeting cards to sell in their stores.

    An Update From PartnerShip on Holiday Shipping Surcharges

    Here, PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, offers an update about holiday shipping surcharges from UPS and FedEx.

    Tips From PartnerShip: A Guide to Stress-Free Shipping

    PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, had developed a detailed white paper designed to help booksellers with shipping.

    Tips From PartnerShip: How to Accept Freight and Handle Claims

    PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, reviews best practices for accepting freight so booksellers can protect themselves against a potential claim nightmare.

    Tips From PartnerShip: Common Freight Accessorial Fees Explained

    PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, offers an overview of additional fees for services required outside of standard shipping and receiving procedures.

    Tips From PartnerShip: Four Steps to Gain Control of Your Inbound Shipping

    PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, offers four steps to better understanding your store’s true inbound shipping costs, as well as the cost savings opportunities stores may be missing.

    Tips From PartnerShip: The 5 Most Common Freight Shipping Mistakes

    In the first of a series of articles, PartnerShip, an ABA business service affinity partner, provides tips for how to avoid some common — and costly — shipping mistakes.

    LIBRIS Offers BookExpo Attendees a Chance to Win $50

    LIBRIS, the insurance company created by ABA specifically to meet the needs of independent bookstores, is offering a special promotion for members attending BookExpo.

    FedEx Sweepstakes Offers $25,000 in Prizes

    FedEx is giving ABA members enrolled in the PartnerShip Shipping Program the chance to win a grand prize of $10,000 or one of 110 other sweepstakes prizes.

    Complimentary Audiobook Listening Copies Available to ABA Members

    Any bookseller currently working in an ABA member store can sign up for’s Audiobook Listening Copy program to gain access to more than two dozen complimentary audiobooks each month.

    ABA, Partner for Sale of Digital Audiobooks Through Indie Bookstores

    The American Booksellers Association and have announced a partnership that enables the convenient purchase of digital audiobooks through independent bookstores.

    Membership Monthly: Biblio and Selling Used Books Online

    Through an ABA affiliate program with, stores can give their customers instant online access to millions of used, rare, and out-of-print titles from more than 5,000 sources. Stores can also upload their own used book inventory to the site.


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