Decision to Switch to your own Account

ABA is encouraging all IndieCommerce stores to establish their own payment gateway account with By operating a shared gateway for all stores, ABA has been assuming the cost of credit card chargebacks (largely from fraudulent orders), without oversight of which orders are approved. In addition, it has become clear that there are considerable advantages for stores to establish their own account.

Advantages for switching to your own account

  1. Receive payments from sales on your website daily, rather than twice a month.
  2. Control address verification settings for checkout,making it easier for customers to complete checkout on your site.
  3. Have your store's name on customers' credit card statements, rather than "INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE."
  4. Refund customers directly if necessary.

Existing IndieCommerce users who opt to stay on ABA's shared gateway account may do so, however, ABA is collecting 4.5% of all credit card orders placed through your site. IndieCommerce users who establish their own account, on the other hand, will not be charged 4.5% of any order, including wholesaler-fulfilled orders.
For more details on the reasons behind this switch,and information on other major improvements coming to IndieCommerce,please see:

Important things to know about making the switch

  1. You are signing up for a Payment Gateway account ($20/mo.). Most stores will already have a merchant account. If you do not have such an account, can help you establish one through a partner service. You can obtain the necessary information by asking your Merchant Service Provider for a "Merchant Software Parameter Sheet."
  2. Please confirm that your existing merchant account can be used to process all 4 (Visa, MC, Amex and Discover) cards. Sometimes stores can have different merchant accounts for each card type, for in-store credit card processing. But will accept only 1 merchant account for all card types.
  3. There are two optional additional services, "the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite" and "the Customer Information Manager."
  • Although your gateway account comes with a basic fraud protection suite, the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite ($9.95/mo.) is highly recommended, as it gives you more granular control over the address verification settings. You can also set filters against specific countries or IP addresses.
  • The Customer Information Manager (CIM) ($20/mo.) securely stores customers' credit card data for future reuse. In particular, it is needed to reauthorize expired authorizations, or to edit an existing order if that is higher than the original amount. After the switch, existing CIM data saved for your customers will be lost. This information cannot be carried over to your new account.  Due to the Drupal 7 upgrade, you must enable this feature on your account for it to work with our new CIM Feature shopping cart.

When you sign up for your account, please follow this link:

By signing up through the link provided above you will receive the special IndieCommerce discounted rate of $17.95/mo. for the gateway, rather than $20/mo. standard.

If you need help with the application process, please view: ' Online Payment Services Application Process.'

Going live with your new account
At least one week before you plan to go live with your new account, please contact Chanthee Keokhaw (ext. 6653, in advance to schedule the switch.

Chanthee will email you detailed instructions on what to do next. You can also find those instructions here: 'Going live with your new account: Ready to switch from ABA's shared account to your own.'