Young Adult Non-Fiction

    • Every Falling Star, Sungju Lee (and Susan McClelland)
      Amulet Books/Abrams, 9781419721328, September 13, 2016 (Young Adult Non-Fiction)

      “This superb biography is a devastating account of survival amidst the dark and famine-stricken towns and cities along the Chinese–North Korean border. I found it to be an illuminating glimpse into this closed-off country — so much so that I have read it cover to cover twice. I believe that this book will have great staying power in the future.”

      -Biddy Kehoe, Hockessin’s Bookshelf (Hockessin, DE)

      “The story of how Sungju Lee survived his childhood in North Korea is breathtaking. I read the entire memoir cover to cover. I just couldn’t stop. While reading Every Falling Star I went through the entire range of emotions. I wanted to call Lee up and tell him I am so grateful that he chose to share his story with us, that to know he came out of such insurmountable odds and not only survived, but went to college, raised his voice, and fought back — wow. Just wow. It will inspire you and build you up, encouraging you to overcome any hurdle in your way. No matter how hard Lee’s situation became, he found courage, hope, and determination to get him through. Every Falling Star is a powerful, meaningful, and all-around stunning memoir of survival. This is happening right now. This is not yet history. This is not over. Those facts only make this book more important.” 

      -Clarissa Murphy, Brookline Booksmith (Brookline, MA)

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