• Half Wild, Robin MacArthur
      Ecco/HarperCollins, 9780062444394, August 2, 2016 (Fiction)

      "While the inhabitants of these interconnected stories all live in a tight-knit community in rural Vermont, Half Wild is anything but provincial. True, these characters belong to the place they come from, but, first and foremost, they belong to each other.”

      -Sam Kaas, Village Books (Bellingham, WA)

      “The loosely related stories in this collection describe the hardscrabble lives of people in rural Vermont.  They call ramshackle trailers or decrepit farmhouses home, they work — if at all — in marginal jobs, and they face unrealized dreams, lasting disappointments, and dreary futures. Nevertheless, they survive, sometimes with grace and dignity, or at least fiercely held pride, tied to the natural beauty of their surroundings and the heritage passed on by generations. Wonderfully written, these stories elicit empathy from the reader for people who may appear alien on the surface but reveal their inner humanity.” 

      -Joe Strebel, Anderson’s Bookshop (Naperville, IL)

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