Young Adult

    • The Killer in Me, Margot Harrison
      Disney-Hyperion/Disney Publishing Worldwide, 9781484727997, July 12, 2016 (Young Adult)

      “Nina cannot sleep at night, because every time she closes her eyes she sees inside the mind of a killer. As Nina tries to stop the murders from happening she makes a shocking discovery.This book is a fantastic read. I was hooked from the first page and could not stop reading until I was done. Don’t miss this one!”

      -Lisa Nehs, Books & Company (Oconomowoc, WI)

      “I love a good mystery and I am always on the lookout for something different, something fresh and new. I found it in The Killer in Me. The premise was unique and kept me on my toes the whole way through. Nina sees the Thief in her dreams. She sees him kill, and she knows where he buries the bodies. So she decides to track him down herself, and what she finds makes her doubt everything she thought she knew. I thoroughly enjoyed this spine-tingling, thrilling book, and I recommend it to any teen who likes a good mystery.”

      -Flannery Fitch, Bookshop Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA

      “Nina lives in the mind of a killer, and can anticipate who and when he is going to kill next. She knows that people, even her mother, will think she is crazy if she reveals what is happening to her, so she tries to stay awake at night so that she doesn’t have to experience what the Thief is doing. She asks her former best friend, Warren, to help her save a man and woman from the Thief.” 

      -Kathy Taber, Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore (Indianapolis, IN)

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