• The Party Wall, Catherine Leroux
      Biblioasis, 9781771960762, July 12, 2016 (Fiction)

      “Intricate and multi-layered, The Party Wall reflects how interconnected the world can be. I don’t have the words to do this book justice. Just read it — the ending will deliver; I promise.”

      -Valerie Welbourn, Novels & Novelties Bookstore (Hendersonville, NC)

      “In The Party Wall, a thinking person’s book, interesting and disparate pairs of characters all eventually link together in a meaningful way. Politics in Canada plays a part, but there are so many other compelling scenes that make the novel hard to put down. The style and the characters are unique.” 

      -Sarajane Giddings, Blue Door Books (Cedarhurst, NY)

      “Catherine Leroux presents four narratives whose characters, at first glance, are far removed from each other physically, socially, and spiritually. Each is involved in a quest for a parent or a resolution with a family member that will reaffirm and define their own identities. When Leroux does establish connections among her characters, she deftly demonstrates the way in which humanity is interdependent and connected, no matter the walls erected to keep people out or in. Leroux’s characters, in such familiar situations, are well-defined and more than worthy of our sympathy.”

      -Mary Frank Buckley, Eight Cousins (Falmouth, MA)

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