Principles of Bookstore Finance Workshop

    ABA Education Presents:
    Principles of Bookstore Finance Workshop
    ABA presents this 101 level workshop for all member booksellers looking to understand financial operations of the bookstore. Lay the groundwork for achieving higher profits and improved cash flow in your store by learning a range of essential financial concepts and procedures.
    The full-day workshop will be led by Robert Sindelar, managing partner of Third Place Books in Seattle, Washington, and ABA Chief Financial Officer Robyn DesHotel. While it will be helpful for attendees to be familiar with basic bookstore finances, deep financial experience is not required.
    The workshop will cover the fundamentals of budgeting, cash flow forecasting, business financing, bookkeeping, and financial statement analysis, and will also cover strategies for improving profitability and cash flow. There will be an interactive group discussion, and practical advice will be given about how to integrate everything you’ve learned towards the goal of making sound business decisions. 
    Registrants will receive materials that they agree to review before the event.
    The registration fee is $85 per person and includes lunch; limit three booksellers per ABA member-company. Space is limited. 
    Times and schedule subject to change. Fall show registration is not required to attend the finance workshop.

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