The ABACUS-15 Survey data collection has closed.

    ABACUS is a yearly, members-only survey that gathers key information on financial operations and provides benchmarking goals and insight. The participation of hundreds of ABA members results in valuable data that help improve business operations and profitability. ABACUS also provides valuable insight for ABA Education.

    The ABACUS Survey gathers financial data about operations from ABA member stores via a secure and confidential electronic form. Participating stores in ABACUS receive a customized report of aggregated data that analyzes their financial results, including comparisons with other stores based on multiple criteria—such as sales level, store size, and profitability. The ABACUS report puts a store's finances within a fully intelligible industry framework, giving owners and managers context, insight, and essential benchmarking guidelines to improve the bookstore's performance.
    Bookstores that participated in the ABACUS-12 Survey should have received a customized report analyzing their 2012 financial results. - See more at: http://www.bookweb.org/news/abacus-12-sent-participating-bookstores#stha...

    Booksellers with questions about submitting data to the survey can contact Elizabeth Riddle at eriddle@oncampusresearch.org and (800) 622-7498, ext.2216.

    ABACUS Resources:
    ABACUS submission definitions
    ABACUS Excel worksheet
    Bookseller testimonials

    Booksellers who have general questions about ABACUS should contact ABA’s Lisa Winn via email or at 914-406-7557. Read more about ABACUS in Bookselling This Week.