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23 Jun

Expanded Awareness

Last week, Shelf Awareness expanded into new territory with the launch of a consumer edition that will provide 25 reviews of the best books published during the week as chosen by industry insiders, in addition to news, interviews, and other special features.

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29 Jun

North Dakota Bookseller Deals With Flood’s Aftermath

After record flooding in Minot, North Dakota, one third of the city is under water, but Val Stadick’s home and her bookstore, Main Street Books, are dry. Stadick is focusing her energy on helping friends and neighbors, but she also worries about the future of her business.

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30 Jun

Club Read: Authors Included

The New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association and the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance have partnered to create Club Read, a “booklovers retreat,” featuring 12 authors who will interact with 200 attendees.

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06 Jul

A Q&A With Emily St. John Mandel

Emily St. John Mandel talks about The Singer’s Gun, Unbridled Books’ recent 25-cent e-book promotion, and her cautiously optimistic forecast for indie bookstores.

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13 Jul

An IndieCommerce FAQ on the iRiver E-Reader

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the first e-reader integrated with the Google eBooks™ platform.

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13 Jul

The Oldest Bookstore in the West Turns 160

Since its founding in 1851, Books Inc. has weathered every major change in the book industry, in addition to the California Gold Rush, the Civil War, and nearly every San Francisco earthquake on record. Books Inc.’s longevity is cause for a series of small celebrations at its various locations throughout the year.

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21 Jul

Responding to the Borders Liquidation: An Action Kit

Here’s an action kit of marketing ideas and strategies that can help spread the word that indie bookstores are alive, well, and very much open for business, both in-store and online.

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28 Jul

Buying It: Turning the Scan Into a Sale

Dealing with customers who are obviously browsing the store to buy elsewhere can be tricky. To steer them toward the cash wrap instead of the door, booksellers are engaging customers in conversations and using videos, signage, and fliers with QR codes.

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28 Jul

Penguin Easel Promotes Indie E-book Sales

To promote indie bookstores and their ability to sell e-books, Penguin is creating customized easels for stores selling Google eBooks™ via their IndieCommerce websites.

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03 Aug

MRM Elizabeth Nichols to Leave ABA

Elizabeth Nichols, a member relationship manager (MRM) at the American Booksellers Association, will be leaving ABA for a position closer to home. Booksellers in Nichols' regions can direct questions to Member Relationship Manager Kaitlin Pitcher.

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