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29 Jul

Xtreme! Provides a Unique View of Retailing

Scott Meyer of Merritt Books in Millbrook, New York, and ABA COO Len Vlahos were among the participants in the National Association of College Stores' Xtreme! 2010 retail education program in Boston last week.

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05 Aug

Publishers' New Programs, Special Offers Aim to Help Indie Booksellers

Looking to help indie booksellers weather the stalled economy and shrinking credit access, some publishers and distributors are offering new programs and favorable terms, including backlist specials, extended dating, and targeted promotional materials.

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05 Aug

Books + Booze an Old (and Profitable) Mix

Booksellers from The Spotty Dog Books & Ale, I Know You Like a Book, and Taylor Books offer insights on the profitability and logistics of selling beer and wine at the bookstore.

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11 Aug

The BookMark Celebrates 20 Years With Move to New Location

For its 20th anniversary, Florida’s The BookMark is getting a new, eco-friendly location 300 steps (exactly, owner Rona Brinlee counted four times) away from its old one.

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12 Aug

Rent-a-Book: Read, Recycle, Repeat

The Annapolis Bookstore's new "Rent-a-Book" program is a "win-win situation" that has drawn "phenomenal interest," said co-owner Mary Adams.

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18 Aug

Retail Bookstore Sales Down in June

June retail sales at bookstores dropped for the third consecutive month. June 2010 sales were off by 0.81 percent, compared with June 2009, according to preliminary figures recently released by the Bureau of the Census.

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18 Aug

ABA Seeks Nominations for Board of Directors

The American Booksellers Association's Nominating Committee, chaired by Betsy Burton of The King’s English Bookshop in Salt Lake City, Utah, is searching for qualified candidates to serve on the ABA Board of Directors.

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19 Aug

ABA President Michael Tucker Sends Important Update

On Wednesday, August 18, ABA member bookstores were e-mailed an important letter from ABA President Michael Tucker. The letter outlined the association’s priorities and initiatives, including the launch of a new dues structure, set to go into effect beginning February 1, 2011. Under the changes, the association will be reducing the annual dues of smaller stores, and establishing a separate category for new stores.

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01 Sep

Gulf Coast Booksellers Optimistic for Fall

Six weeks after the capping of the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, booksellers along the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama reported varying effects on their businesses, but all said they were looking forward to the fall season.

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02 Sep

San Diego Indies Provide Newspaper Book Reviews

When the San Diego Union Tribune cut its coverage of arts and books, several area booksellers stepped in to provide the newspaper with book-related content.

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