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05 Nov

Minimum Wage: Increases in Maine and Washington Get Voted Down

On Election Day, residents in Maine and Washington voted down proposed minimum wage increases.

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04 Nov

What’s New for the Health Care Marketplace in 2016

Bookstore owners and managers can head to at any time during the year to see what health care plans they can offer to their employees.

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29 Oct

Minimum Wage Roundup

The weekly roundup features minimum wage stories from around the country to help keep booksellers on top of local developments affecting their businesses.

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21 Oct

Minimum Wage Roundup

Minimum Wage Roundup is a new BTW feature that will report on minimum wage stories from around the country in an effort to keep booksellers on top of developments in their local communities and states.

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21 Oct

Study Finds States Give Most Economic Development Dollars to Large Businesses

A study released this week by Good Jobs First, a national policy resource center for grassroots groups and public officials, found that large companies get the bulk of states’ economic development dollars.

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13 Oct

President Signs Healthcare Amendment Into Law

On October 7, President Obama signed into law an amendment to the Affordable Care Act that leaves it up to states to determine whether businesses with 51–100 employees will be included in their small group markets in 2016.

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06 Oct

Health Care “Fix” Meets with Mixed Reactions From Retail Groups

The Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act, a bill that amends the Affordable Care Act, has passed the U.S. House and Senate. If signed by the President, the legislation would give states the right to determine what size business constitutes a “small business.”

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30 Sep

ABA to NY Governor: Give Indies a Voice in Minimum Wage Discussions

ABA has sent a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to request that independent booksellers be given an opportunity to help craft a solution that raises the state’s minimum wage based upon sound economic principles.

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24 Sep

SBA Offers Online Guide to Human Resources Management

The Small Business Administration website offers an in-depth guide to help small business owners navigate the complex issue of human resources management.

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10 Sep

D.C. Indies to Mayor: Require Retailers Like Amazon to Collect Sales Tax

Independent bookstores in the nation’s capital are urging Mayor Muriel Bowser to level the playing field for Main Street retailers by requiring remote sellers such as Amazon to collect and remit sales tax.

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