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18 Mar

FCC Releases Net Neutrality Rules, But Litigation and Investigation Likely

On March 12, the Federal Communications Commission released 400 pages of net neutrality rules, in which the commission reclassified broadband Internet service as a public utility, subject to Title II regulation.

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12 Mar

EU Court: E-Books Cannot Be Taxed the Same as Paper Books

On March 5, the European Union’s top court ruled that EU countries must charge the full value-added tax on e-books. The court found that e-books are not subject to the same tax reductions as physical books, as they are considered a service.

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12 Mar

Marketplace Fairness Act Reintroduced in Senate

On Tuesday, a group of U.S. senators reintroduced the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill that would level the playing field for Main Street retailers.

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05 Mar

Federal Judge Finds AmEx’s Anti-Steering Rule Violates Antitrust Law

The U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of New York has ruled in favor of a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit brought against American Express Company and American Express Travel Related Services Company for violating antitrust laws by imposing “anti-steering” rules on merchants.

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25 Feb

Tax Time: Does Your Business Qualify for a Health Care Tax Credit?

Booksellers who have been providing health insurance to their employees should remember that the Affordable Care Act includes federal tax credits for small businesses.

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18 Feb

New SBA Resource Helps Small Businesses LINC to Capital

The Small Business Administration has launched an online tool that provides small business owners seeking capital with increased access to SBA lenders.

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29 Jan

Amazon to Collect Sales Tax in Illinois Starting February 1

Amazon will begin collecting and remitting sales tax in Illinois beginning February 1 as part of a deal the online retailer struck with state officials in October 2014.

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22 Jan

House Judiciary Chair Circulates Radically Different Sales Tax Bill

U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has circulated draft sales tax fairness legislation that would ask most states to radically change their sales tax systems, according to media reports.

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21 Jan

Michigan Governor Signs E-Fairness Into Law

On Thursday, January 15, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed the recently passed Main Street Fairness legislation into law, thereby leveling the playing field for the state’s Main Street retailers.

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13 Jan

Amazon Cuts Off Its Online Affiliates in Vermont

In response to news that Amazon had fired its Vermont affiliates because of a 2011 e-fairness law that could potentially kick in this year, ABA and Advocates for Independent Business have launched an e-mail campaign asking Vermont indie retailers to contact Gov. Peter Shumlin in support of the law.

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