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13 Nov

Retailers Receiving Offers to Rejoin Interchange Fee Settlement

Bookstores that opted out of the Visa and MasterCard credit card swipe fee cash settlement back in 2013 may have received, or could soon receive, a notice offering them the chance to rejoin the cash settlement class.

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12 Nov

More Than 320 Organizations Urge Speaker Boehner to Pass E-Fairness

The Marketplace Fairness Coalition has sent a letter signed by more than 320 organizations to Speaker of the House John Boehner that urges him to tackle e-fairness in this legislative session.

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12 Nov

Health Insurance Exchanges Reopen Beginning November 15

The Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges for individuals and small businesses are slated to reopen for open enrollment on Saturday, November 15. This enrollment period will mark the first time that Small Business Health Options Programs will be available online for businesses in all states.

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12 Nov

AIB Re-Launches #efairnessnow as Congress Reconvenes

Advocates for Independent Business has re-launched #efairnessnow, a grassroots social media campaign in support of e-fairness, in the hope that the campaign will go viral and catch the attention of members of Congress.

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06 Nov

GOP Wins Muddle Long-Term E-Fairness Outlook

With the results of the midterm elections now in, the long-term status of federal sales tax fairness legislation has become muddled; however, the lame-duck session of Congress still offers the best opportunity to pass federal sales tax fairness legislation, according to the Main Street Fairness Coalition.

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05 Nov

Visual Proof: ABA Map Shows State E-Fairness Efforts Are Growing and Succeeding

While the status of federal sales tax legislation may be up in the air at present, an E-Fairness Map released this week by ABA makes one thing abundantly clear: The number of states tackling e-fairness on their own continues to grow.

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30 Oct

Amazon Strikes Tax Deal in Illinois

Illinois state officials have announced that Amazon will be building a distribution center in the state and it’s expected that the online retailer will be receiving tax credits from the state. Under a new law that went into effect in August, Amazon is obligated to collect and remit sales tax to the state beginning January 1, 2015.

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22 Oct

Krugman: Amazon’s Bookselling “Monopsony Is Not O.K.”

In a New York Times op-ed dated October 19, economist Paul Krugman contends that is not so much a monopolist, but a “monopsonist, a dominant buyer with the power to push prices down.”

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22 Oct

Accessing Capital: A Conversation With SBA’s Ann Marie Mehlum

Ann Marie Mehlum, associate administrator of capital access for the U.S. Small Business Administration, discusses what SBA is doing to help independent bookstores gain access to capital and best practices that booksellers can use to increase their chances of success.

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16 Oct

Franklin Foer: Troubling How Amazon Defenders Ignore Bookselling Monopoly

New Republic editor Franklin Foer struck a nerve. His article “Amazon Must Be Stopped” — in which he argued that Amazon’s monopolistic actions needed to be addressed by a robust regulatory state — garnered a tremendous, “fairly polarized” reaction from readers.

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