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14 Nov

Children’s Institute Scholarships Up for Grabs: Act Now

Booksellers who are interested in attending the 2019 ABC Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have until December 4 to submit their names for the opportunity to win a scholarship.

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19 Sep

Scholarship Application Process Opens for 2019 ABC Children’s Institute

Booksellers at stores that did not have an ABC Children’s Institute scholarship winner in 2017 or 2018 can now apply for a scholarship to the 2019 Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh.

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11 Sep

Ci6 Education: Amplifying Your Presence on Social Media With Eva Chen

At the sixth annual ABC Children’s Institute, Eva Chen gave booksellers tips and tricks on how to make their store Instagram accounts stand out. 

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04 Sep

Ci6 Education: Planning and Executing Successful Large-Scale Events

Four booksellers discussed how they organize large-scale author events both in their stores and off-site, from selecting a venue to ticketing to communicating with staff, publicists, and attendees.

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28 Aug

Ci6 Education: Expanding the YA Audience

Four bookseller panelists at Children’s Institute discussed ways indie bookstores can market young adult titles to adult readers, from making personalized recommendations to creating thematic displays.

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21 Aug

Ci6 Education: How to Market and Sell STEM/STEAM Books

Four book industry professionals served on a panel at the American Booksellers Association's sixth annual ABC Children's Institute in New Orleans to discuss the best ways to market and sell STEM/STEAM titles. 

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13 Aug

Ci6 Education In-Depth: Judge a Book by Its Cover

Panelists from three publishing houses discussed brainstorming ideas for cover art, creating line looks across multiple books in a series, trends in cover creation, and more.

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06 Aug

Ci6 Education In-Depth: Hindsight is 20/20

At Children’s Institute, a panel of indie bookstore owners shared what they wished they had known before opening their stores.

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31 Jul

Ci6 Education: Planning and Executing Successful Book Festivals

Booksellers took a crash course on creating their own book festivals for children or teens, which can be an ideal vehicle for promoting reading and literacy in bookstore communities.

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24 Jul

Ci6 Education: “Beyond the Bookstore: The Bigger Picture of Bookselling and How to Get Involved”

During a panel at the ABC Children’s Institute in New Orleans, booksellers active on their local regional trade organizations discussed the reasons why it is worthwhile to get involved in bookselling “beyond the bookstore.”

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23 Jul

Ci6: Highlights of Bookseller-to-Bookseller Discussion Groups

ABC Children’s Group Manager Gen de Botton has compiled some of the key points generated by the Bookseller-to-Bookseller Discussion Groups at the sixth annual Children’s Institute in New Orleans.

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23 Jul

Save the Date: Children’s Institute 2019

The ABC Children’s Group’s 2019 Children’s Institute will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from Wednesday, June 26, through Friday, June 28.

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18 Jul

Ci6 Education: Reaching Underserved Communities

Bookseller panelists at Children’s Institute discussed the different ways independent bookstores can make a greater effort to engage with and provide resources for their local underserved communities.

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10 Jul

Ci6 Education: Creating and Implementing Successful LGBTQIA Youth Programs

The “Creating and Implementing Successful LGBTQIA Youth Programs” education session at Children’s Institute provided booksellers with tips on making their stores inclusive places of refuge for queer youth.

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10 Jul

Ci6 Keynote: We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices

At Children’s Institute, Phoebe Yeh, Cheryl Willis Hudson, Wade Hudson, and Kwame Alexander discussed a new book that aims to inspire young readers to believe in their own ability to speak out and fight for change.

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