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14 Feb

Seventy-Three-Year-Old Goes for Gold in Salt Lake

Sam Weller's Books, a downtown Salt Lake City landmark since 1929, is introducing the world to some of the best of Utah's writers while the Olympic Games are played down the street. The store is offering a packed schedule of appearances by about 30 local writers, musicians, and visual artists (many from the area) during the two-week period between February 8 and February 23, Roxann Campbell, Weller's events coordinator, told BTW.

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11 Feb

The Red Balloon Defends the First Amendment -- and Makes New Customers

On Thursday, February 8, The Red Balloon Bookshop, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based childrens bookstore, was host to a panel discussion on free expression. The innovative idea grew from an incident last November, when a Red Balloon Bookshop customer wanted to ban a book she had never read. The patron (an educator, in fact) came to store manager, Roxanna Markie, incensed that the bookstore carried the book Little Black Sambo. Based only on the title, the educator assumed the book to be racist. It isnt.

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07 Feb

Airport and Hotel Bookstores Still Feeling Wake of 9/11 Tragedy

According to Reuters, the travel industry experienced a 20 percent drop in "like-for-like" sales for the 20 weeks to January 19. The International Air Transport Industry Association announced that passenger traffic on international flights was down four percent, and in December international traffic plummeted 12 percent from the prior year. Among those travel-related businesses feeling the pinch from these drastic drop-offs are airport and hotel bookstores.

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07 Feb

Bookstore Wins City Diversity Award

On January 19, in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Tempe's Human Relations Commission hosted its Fourth Annual Diversity Awards ceremony to honor and celebrate individuals and organizations from the community who demonstrated a commitment to diversity. The 28-year-old Changing Hands Bookstore was among those honored with the 2002 Diversity Award in the Business category.

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07 Feb

Misty Valley Books Hosts Gathering of New Authors

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06 Feb

Books, Buyers, and Bushes -- Kennebunk Book Port Grows in Maine

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05 Feb

Author Returns to Thank Independent Bookstores and Sign Books

A brilliant young lawyer practices in a small town in the Deep South; respected and beloved, he's elected to the state legislature. He continues practicing law while serving in the House of Representatives for years until a case about rape and revenge changes his life forever.

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31 Jan

Birmingham Bookseller Offers a Long Tradition of Service and Innovation

"Like son, like father," Alabama Booksmith owner Jake Reiss III describes his foray into bookselling to BTW. His son Jake IV sold books door-to-door; son Frank became manager of Acorn Books in San Francisco then moved to Atlanta and opened the still thriving A Capella Books in the late '80s. Jake's brother Norman also sold books, at Malone's Bookstore in Tuscaloosa.

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24 Jan

Books Add a Big Plus to Ohio Store

Cheryl and Raymond Zadd, co-owners of Mail Hub Plus Books, have long been on the lookout for niches to fill in their community of Brecksville, Ohio. Midway between Akron and Cleveland, with a population of 13,000, Brecksville is a little too small to be courted by any of the big chain stores. And that's just fine with the Zadds. "There are no malls in Brecksville," Ray Zadd told BTW emphatically.

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23 Jan

Literary Medley du Jour: The duchess of York and the director of an acclaimed film spice things up at a West Hollywood bookstore

By Kathleen Craughwell
Special to the Los Angeles Times

It's ridiculously early on Sunset Boulevard -- 7:30 a.m., to be exact -- when two women from the Santa Clarita Valley pitch their collapsible camping chairs on the sidewalk in front of Book Soup, the popular West Hollywood independent bookstore. The store will not open for another hour and a half.

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17 Jan

From Tiny Classified Ad to Community and Cultural Center in Fort Worth

In 1992, Sonia Williams-Babers entered the world of bookselling with "the smallest ad available" in the June issue of Black Enterprise magazine. The ad read "Get Hooked on Black Books -- send $1 for a catalogue." On returning home to Fort Worth, Texas, from Anaheim, California, and their first ABA Convention, Williams-Babers and her husband and business partner, Elvis Babers, found an overflowing post office box.

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17 Jan

Mr. Postman, Look and See Is There a Bookstore in Your Ad for Me?

Two major purveyors of the printed word came together recently when the United States Postal Service recruited a bookstore for one of the locations featured in its holiday advertising campaign.

The television commercial was shot at Reading on Walden in Chicago all day December 10, said bookstore owner John Presta. He told BTW, "It went very well. [The ad] is showing all the time now. It's called 'Holiday.'"

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14 Jan

San Francisco Fundraiser for Tattered Cover Draws Big Crowd

A crowd estimated at between 450 and 550 packed A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books in San Francisco on January 11 to raise funds to help pay the legal fees of Denver's Tattered Cover Book Store, which has challenged a court order requiring it to turn over information about a customer's book purchases. The event raised $10,000 for the bookstore.

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10 Jan

Schuler Books & Music -- Michigan Bookstores Little Sister Grows Larger and Moves

After 12 years -- and two expansions -- the Okemos, Michigan, location of Schuler Books and Music has a new home. At 24,000 square feet, the new space (in the Greater Lansing area) is a good deal closer in size to the 20-year-old Grand Rapids Schuler Books and Music, which is 35,000 square feet.

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08 Jan

Author Luis J. Rodriguez Opens Community Bookstore in L.A.

"Books saved my life," said author Luis J. Rodriguez in a recent interview. The 47-year-old author is a former Los Angeles gang member whose love and talent for poetry and prose convinced a judge to give Rodriguez a crucial break 26 years ago when he placed him, not back in prison, but on the road to a writer's life.

Eventually a newspaper job took Rodriguez to Chicago. There, he started his own poetry publishing house and wrote the award-winning 1994 memoir, Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. (Touchstone Books).

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