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04 Nov

NPR & ABA Partner to Share Book Coverage, Indie Bestsellers

In a joining of like minds, NPR and ABA have partnered to provide thoughtful bestsellers and unique book coverage to readers, both on and

Starting November 13, NPR Books will publish four bestseller lists weekly, using the Indie Bestseller List feeds. The categories to appear on the site are the Hardcover Fiction, Hardcover Nonfiction, Paperback Fiction and Paperback Nonfiction lists.

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06 Aug

Constant Contact Rebate Checks to Come From ABA

ABA members participating in the Constant Contact affinity program between April 30, 2008, and April 30, 2009, will soon begin receiving rebate checks. ABA is providing this rebate as an exclusive member service to stores that have registered for Constant Contact via

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13 May

Handmade Products Designed Exclusively for ABA

Click image for larger view.

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07 Apr

Special Promo Available on Credit Card Processing

ABA affinity partner Bank of America Merchant Services will waive the $75 application fee for booksellers who sign up for its credit card processing program from April 10 through August 31, 2009.

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12 Mar

Go Green With New Biodegradable IndieBound Bags

By popular request, W.G. Ellerkamp is now offering environmentally friendly, biodegradable plastic IndieBound bags. These plastic bags are made with 10 - 15 percent recycled material and will break down safely within a few years when buried or composted.

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28 Jan

LIBRIS Phones Down

The phone lines for LIBRIS, the business insurance program for booksellers offered by the American Booksellers Association, are temporarily out of service.

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27 Jan

It's in the Bag: IndieBound Merchandise Bags, Shopping Bags & Reusable Totes

W.G. Ellerkamp offers ABA members IndieBound paper merchandise and shopping bags, reusable totes, and a variety of giftwrap designs.

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13 Jan

Ellerkamp Offers Expanded Line of Wrapping Papers, Lower Prices on Shopping Bags

W.G. Ellerkamp, the supplier of ABA's IndieBound paper and cloth bags, is now offering member stores an expanded line of giftwrap, as well as lower prices on handled paper shopping bags.

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01 Dec

FedEx and UPS to Raise Rates

FedEx and UPS have both announced rate increases, effective January 5, 2009.

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19 Nov

A Holiday Sale on IndieBound Bags

From now until December 12, W.G. Ellerkamp is offering 10 to 15 percent discounts on IndieBound paper bags, reusable totes, and giftwrap. The sale, which company president Jack Ellerkamp said is their way of saying thanks to ABA members for their business, includes merchandise bags, handled shopping bags, and the very popular Peace. Love. Books. reusable tote.

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18 Nov


Booksellers searching for affordable, comprehensive business insurance who want to stay true to the IndieBound movement need look no further than LIBRIS, the property, liability, and workers' compensation insurance, developed by the American Booksellers Association to address the specific needs of independent bookstore

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26 Aug

Save on IndieBound Bags in Special Promotion

Now's the time to stock up on IndieBound shopping bags.

From now until September 30, ABA member booksellers will receive a 15 percent discount on both stock and personalized IndieBound bags and on giftwrap ordered from W.G. Ellerkamp.

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21 Jul

Rack Up Savings: ABA Business Management Services & Products

As individuals and businesses nationwide look to counter the effects of the struggling economy, the American Booksellers Association reminds booksellers to check out the dollars-and-cents savings available to all Regular Bookstore Members.

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30 Jun

ABA Discount Shipping Program Offers Savings on Fuel Surcharges

In these tough economic times, freight companies, like airlines, are passing higher gas prices along to customers via fuel surcharges. But one way ABA members can reduce the impact of increased freight charges is through participation in the PartnerShip Discount Shipping Program.

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26 Jun

Checks to Be Mailed to Constant Contact Subscribers

American Booksellers Association members participating in the Constant Contact affinity program will begin receiving rebate checks sometime next week. The checks are being sent to current bookstore members that paid for Constant Contact e-mail marketing services between April 30, 2007, and April 30, 2008.

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