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20 Jul

Pokémon Go: A Pokéxegesis

Among the booksellers who see benefits in the Pokémon Go phenomenon is Caleb Zane of Avid Bookshop, who noted that “businesses, especially bookstores, always benefit if they promote enthusiasm, in all its forms.”

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20 Jul

Booksellers, Publishers Decode Leveled Books for Early Readers

How to use leveled book designations to guide parents and children to appropriate reading choices that are both fun and educational was the subject of a panel discussion at last month’s Children’s Institute.

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19 Jul

Booksellers and Librarians Share Tips for Successful Partnerships

During a joint education session with the American Library Association, bookseller and library panelists at the ABC Children’s Institute discussed how to create and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.

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12 Jul

Retailer Websites and the Americans With Disabilities Act

Here is background on the American With Disabilities Act as it relates to retail websites, a look at changes ABA has made to the IndieCommerce platform, and action steps for ABA members with online stores.

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12 Jul

Jeff James on Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence

ABC Children’s Institute featured speaker Jeff James, vice president and general manager of the Disney Institute, shared how Disney has mastered the customer experience by creating a healthy employee culture.

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27 Jun

Treeline Tips and Tricks: Event Grids

Edelweiss/Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster explains how publisher event grids posted to Edelweiss enable booksellers to request touring authors, see relevant title information, and more.

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20 Jun

Instagram: Making Books Look Even Better

Janet Geddis, the owner of Avid Bookshop in Athens, Georgia, shares her tips and tricks for using Instagram to promote her store and increase sales.

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08 Jun

Scam Alert: Fraudulent Orders and Other Deceptive Practices Making the Rounds

In response to a recent uptick in reports from ABA member stores receiving bogus orders, here is a brief rundown of some frauds and scams.

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26 May

Treeline Tips and Tricks: A Simple Tool for Keeping Track of Drop-Ins

Edelweiss/Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster explains how a simple tool can help ensure booksellers don’t miss any important drop-in titles.

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15 Apr

Navigating BookExpo America: A Checklist

With BEA just three weeks away, now is a good time to revisit a checklist of recommendations from booksellers who are accomplished at achieving their key business goals at the show while grabbing galleys, attending events, and making new connections.

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29 Mar

Treeline Tips and Tricks: A Quick Tip From a Great Buyer

Edelweiss/Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster shares a quick tip that illustrates what separates a good book buyer from a great one.

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17 Mar

Wi11 Panelists Weigh in on Working With Self-Published Authors

Bookseller panelists at the Winter Institute 11 education session “Working With Self-Published Authors” shared best practices for creating partnerships that benefit both self-published authors and the bookstore’s bottom line.

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15 Mar

Wi11: Tips for Creating a Bookstore Café

Panelists at the Winter Institute 11 education session “Creating a Bookstore Café” shared tips and best practices for start-up, staffing, and overall management of a café.

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08 Mar

Wi11: Booksellers Share Tips for Getting the Most Out of ARCs

At a Winter Institute education session presented by the ABC Children’s Group, a panel of booksellers and publishers offered tips for repurposing advance reading copies to generate sales while staying within publishers’ guidelines for sharing ARCs.

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23 Feb

The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss

Edelweiss/Above the Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster shares comments from panelists at the Winter Institute 11 session “The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss.”

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