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17 Jun

Becoming Green? Having Success With Graphic Novels?

The American Booksellers Association would like to hear from its bookstore members that are having success buying, merchandising, and selling graphic novels, as well as those that are developing and implementing green initiatives. Bookseller success stories will help the association develop education programs and materials to benefit all ABA member stores.

Any bookseller who would like to share their stories is asked to contact ABA Education Coordinator Lisa Winn at [email protected] or (800) 637-0037, ext. 6657.

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12 Jun

Booksellers Find Ways to Greener Retailing at ABA Panel

It was standing room only at ABA's Day of Education "Green Retailing" session on Thursday, May 29 at BookExpo America. Booksellers packed the room to hear panelists Suzy Staubach of University of Connecticut Co-op in Storrs, Connecticut, Natalie Freidberg of All Shades of Green in Los Angeles, and Ferris Kawar, vice president of sustainability at Greenopia, discuss strategies for lowering a retailer's impact on the environment using methods from the simple to the sublime.

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22 May

Ed Begley, Jr. on an Eco-Friendly Life

There is no question: environmentalism is in. It's cool to be green these days, especially in Hollywood. But, as is so often the case in la-la land, not everything you see is real. While any number of celebrities are very good at talking the green talk, many are not so adept at walking the walk -- unless it's to their idling private jets.

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08 May

Green Bagging It

Indie booksellers are waging the green revolution on several fronts -- developing and expanding Green Living/Environmental sections, offering green sidelines, reducing waste, and increasing energy efficiency. Related green issues of particular interest, as evidenced by discussions at recent ABA Booksellers Forums, are how to reduce the use of merchandise bags and what to provide as an eco-friendly alternative.

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24 Apr

Ed Begley, Jr. to Kick Off ABA Day of Education

Ed Begley, Jr., who has become as well known for his environmental activism as for his acting career, will be the morning's keynote speaker at the American Booksellers Association's Day of Education on Thursday, May 29.

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24 Apr

ABA to Go Green at BEA

The American Booksellers Association is ramping up its efforts to be ecologically responsible at next month's BookExpo America in Los Angeles. This week, as worldwide celebrations of Earth Day brought added focus to the need for individuals and businesses to lessen their impact on the environment, ABA announced changes that will reduce the carbon footprint of its participation in BEA.

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16 Apr

GPI's Tyson Miller Offers Insights on Report Detailing Book Industry Environmental Efforts

Thirteen printers, six paper mills, and 75 publishers (representing more than 45 percent of market share by revenue) responded to an invitation from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and Green Press Initiative (GPI) to participate in a 2007 Environmental Benchmarking Survey. Their responses form the basis for the recently released report Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts: Findings From the U.S.

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10 Apr

Penguin Bookshop: Becoming as Green as It Gets


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03 Apr

More Booksellers Making Earth Day Greener Than Ever

With the annual celebration of Earth Day less than three weeks away, booksellers across the country are steeped in plans to promote conservation, green living, and an understanding of our impact on the environment.

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26 Mar

Making Earth Day Greener Than Ever

For a lot of booksellers, every day is Earth Day, but on and around April 22, several bookstores -- including Changing Hands, Vroman's, Boulder Bookstore, and McNally Robinson -- will hold events and create displays to promote Green Living and to participate in the worldwide celebration of Earth Day 2008.

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18 Mar

Creating a Compendium of Green Resources

For booksellers, becoming greener means incorporating environmentally friendly practices in day-to-day operations, as well as meeting the needs of a growing number of consumers looking for reliable information on everything from the science of global warming to public policies and personal practices that can help make the world a better place to live.

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11 Mar

Going, Going, Green: Recommendations Sought for Valuable Resource

There is still time for all ABA member booksellers to submit nominations for a selected list of notable titles dealing with the environment.

"Please do nominate for the list the titles that you consider essential reading," said Dan Cullen, ABA senior director of editorial content. "Everything from how to modify personal and business practices to conserve resources and cut carbon emissions to titles focusing on public policy -- so that ABA can compile a strong recommended 'Green List.'"

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27 Feb

Green Press Initiative Sets Goals to Improve Book Industry's Ecological Footprint

Many bookstores have gone green both in their title selection and store practices, but what about the environmental impact of the books themselves? Paper shipments to U.S. publishers each year are estimated to average 1.6 million tons, equaling about 30 million trees.

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27 Feb

Wanted: Indie Recommendations for a Green List

Broad consumer interest in our environment has never been higher. Not surprisingly, this is translating into increased activity on the part of publishers.

To compile a selection of notable titles dealing with the environment -- everything from how to modify personal and business practices to conserve resources and cut carbon emissions to titles focusing on public policy -- the American Booksellers Association is asking booksellers to recommend books for a "Green List."

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14 Feb

California Booksellers Go Green, Sell Green, and Save Green

Booksellers have long championed environmental issues, but 2008 seems to be the year of "Green Retailing" as evidenced by the very positive response to everything green at this year's ABA Winter Institute. Independent booksellers across the country are among those at the forefront of the movement to become smarter, cleaner, more efficient retailers.

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