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07 Jun

What’s in a Name?: Tombolo Books

Alsace Walentine explains why, after much consideration, she chose a name with strong symbolic meaning for the bookstore she plans to open in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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01 Jun

Ruminations on BEA, Books (or the Lack Thereof), and Bookselling: A Letter From ABA’s President

ABA President Betsy Burton would like to see booksellers and publishers put their heads together to find ways to counter the diminishing number of books available to booksellers on the BEA show floor, as well as to make the promotion of backlist into a movement.

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04 May

A Letter From ABA CEO Oren Teicher

In his bimonthly letter, ABA’s CEO discusses the recently concluded Spring Booksellers Forums and next month’s BEA; the chance for booksellers to effect change through participation in the New Localism movement; and the opportunities presented by the new Indie Next List “Years of Discovery” Campaign.

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25 Apr

Banned in Boston: The Battle Begins

This article, part of an occasional series on the history of free speech by ABFE Director Chris Finan, looks at efforts to ban H.L. Mencken's magazine, American Mercury, in 1920s Boston, which marked the start of a critical battle for free speech in books.

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13 Apr

ABA’s President Reports on Three Days of Publisher Meetings

ABA President Betsy Burton, of The King’s English Bookshop, reports on recent meetings between ABA leadership and the CEOs, COOs, and other major figures at NYC publishing houses.

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09 Apr

Plans for St. Pete Bookstore on Track

Alsace Walentine, former author events coordinator at Malaprop’s, provides an update on her plans to open a bookstore in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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29 Mar

Treeline Tips and Tricks: A Quick Tip From a Great Buyer

Edelweiss/Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster shares a quick tip that illustrates what separates a good book buyer from a great one.

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22 Mar

Reader Privacy and the Apple Case

In his monthly personal opinion column, ABFE Director Chris Finan discusses the similarities he finds in the government’s attempts to force Apple to unlock the contents of an iPhone and its past maneuvers to infringe on the reader privacy rights of bookstore customers.

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17 Mar

Amazon Delivers Hardship for Local Business Owners

In an op-ed that first appeared in the Daily Californian, Amy Thomas, the president of Pegasus Books, explains why we should all be concerned that Amazon continues to create an existential crisis that affects more than bookstores.

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15 Mar

The King’s English’s Burton Rebukes Utah Lawmakers for Caving to Amazon

When Utah State Rep. Mike McKell withdrew an affiliate nexus sales tax fairness bill, ABA President Betsy Burton, the co-owner of The King’s English Bookshop, responded with an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune.

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09 Mar

Beyond Our Differences: A Personal Perspective on Diversity

Erica Luttrell, the general manager at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles, shares her thoughts on diversity and expresses the hope that we will come to a point where “diversity as a word might just lose all meaning, as it simply will be.”

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01 Mar

A Personal Perspective on Diversity

Jenny Cayabyab Cohen, a third generation Filipino-American and the co-owner of Waucoma Bookstore, shares her thoughts on diversity in the book industry and celebrating our differences.

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23 Feb

The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss

Edelweiss/Above the Treeline Education and Outreach Coordinator Joe Foster shares comments from panelists at the Winter Institute 11 session “The Benefits of Getting Your Staff on Edelweiss.”

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10 Feb

Back and Forth: Backlist or the Body Politic? — A Letter From ABA President Betsy Burton

ABA President Betsy Burton shares her method of facing the “problem” of returning to her bookstore from the Winter Institute with so many ideas to implement.

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09 Feb

The Dangers of Self-Censorship

ABFE Director Chris Finan looks at the implications for the freedom to write, publish, and sell books, when authors and publishers respond to controversies over their works by pulling them from the marketplace.

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