26 Apr

Judge Strikes Down Affiliate Nexus Law in Illinois

In a blow to Illinois’ Main Street retailers, Cook County Circuit Judge Robert Lopez Cepero ruled Wednesday that a law requiring remote retailers with a broad network of online affiliates acting as sales agents in the state to collect and remit sales tax was unconstitutional.

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18 Apr

ABA to Massachusetts: Amazon Should Collect Sales Tax

ABA CEO Oren Teicher urged the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to require Amazon.com to collect and remit sales tax on orders made by Massachusetts residents. Teicher’s letter was prompted by news that Amazon.com is opening an office in Cambridge. 

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12 Apr

Publishers and ABA React to Justice Department Suit

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a civil suit in district court in New York against Apple and five of the major publishers with agency model pricing for e-books. Three of the publishers have agreed to settle; Apple and the other two publishers appear to be headed for court.

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05 Apr

ABA CEO Update on Google eBooks and Association’s Meeting With DOJ

In a letter to members, ABA CEO Oren Teicher discusses Google’s decision to discontinue the Google eBooks reseller program, worldwide, effective January 31, 2013, and provides an update on ABA’s meeting with the Department of Justice regarding agency model pricing of e-books.

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29 Mar

Iowa and Louisiana Take Steps Towards Sales Tax Fairness

The campaign for sales tax fairness continued to heat up this week, with legislative activity in Iowa and Louisiana.

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22 Mar

A Sales Tax Fairness Update

Here’s a roundup of recent developments on the sales tax fairness front in Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and New Jersey, as well as a report on ABA’s recent meetings with the staff of key legislators in support of a federal solution.

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21 Mar

ABA Meets With Justice Department

On Monday, ABA Board members and staff met with representatives of the  Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., to express ABA’s support for agency model pricing of e-books in connection with the Department’s ongoing investigation of e-book pricing terms.

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15 Mar

Arizona Sales Tax Fairness Suffers Setback

The sales tax equity fight continues in Arizona, despite recent legislative setbacks in the state Senate.

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08 Mar

New Jersey Holds Hearing on Amazon Tax Exemption

At press time, the New Jersey Senate Budget Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on S. 1762, legislation that would provide Amazon.com a temporary sales tax exemption in exchange for the retailer’s opening two warehouses in the state.

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08 Mar

Arizona and Utah Senates Act on Sales Tax Fairness Legislation

The Arizona state Senate is voting today on SB 1338, legislation that would clarify sales tax laws in the state by requiring any company with a warehouse or distribution center in Arizona to collect and remit sales tax. Meanwhile, in Utah the state Senate overwhelmingly passed similar legislation.

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06 Mar

ABFFE Protests PayPal Censorship Efforts

ABFFE has joined the National Coalition Against Censorship  in protesting a threat by the online payment processor PayPal to close the accounts of online booksellers selling erotic works.

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01 Mar

Tech Talk: E-Readers

This week, BTW’s new technology feature provides an overview of common e-reader devices and their compatibility with Google eBooks.

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01 Mar

Utah House Passes Sales Tax Fairness Bill

On Thursday, March 1, the Utah House of Representatives passed H.B. 384, legislation that would require remote retailers with nexus in Utah via distribution centers or subsidiaries to collect and remit sales tax.

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29 Feb

Google to Continue Affiliate Relationships With Booksellers

Despite last week’s news to the contrary, Google will be continuing its relationship with indie booksellers that sell Google eBooks™ through its affiliate program.

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23 Feb

Amazon Pulls IPG E-Books

On February 20, in a dispute over terms, Amazon.com stopped selling some 4,000 e-book titles distributed by Independent Publishers Group.

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