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14 Jan

New York Times Book Cash Certificates Will Expire Soon

Booksellers should be aware that the New York Times Book Cash Certificates expire on January 31, 2003. Times Book Cash checks were sent as gifts to consumers who upgraded from a trial subscription to a full subscription to the newspaper and are good for $10 towards payment for any book purchase.

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09 Jan

White Boxes Landing Soon

The January white boxes are in the mail to booksellers participating in the national Book Sense marketing program. Importantly, in this month's white box is an array of Book Sense promotional materials for bookstores to freshen-up their co-branding. Included are a poster (rolled in a tube), a new removable vinyl two-sided decal for the front door or window, a decal for the cash register, a 76 counter card, and an order form for even more marketing materials.

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08 Jan

Two Bookstores Find a Novel Way to Thank Customers

This past New Year's Day, two bookstores marked the holiday with successful celebratory sales events as a way to thank their customers. In Tempe, Arizona, Changing Hands Bookstore continued its tradition of holding a Customer Appreciation Day sale on January 1, while The King's English bookstore in Salt Lake City launched its first appreciation day, complete with hors d'oeuvres, champagne, and lots of handselling.

Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, Arizona

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02 Jan

The Holiday Postmortem Bookselling Blues -- Or, At Least I Didn't Run Out of Books This Christmas!

By Neal Coonerty

Whew, this Christmas stunk! Or, to be more precise, this Christmas retail season really stunk. As we closed the doors of our bookshop at 7:00 p.m. after an exhausting Christmas Eve, our sales were down 5.6 percent. Not only was the season bad, it was scary. On December 14, our sales were running nearly 10 percent down, and we were wondering if it might get even worse.

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18 Dec

Gift Certificates: Better to Give and to Receive

Anyone with doubts as to the popularity of gift certificates and books among holiday shoppers should check out the 2002 American Express Retail Index (AERI) on holiday shopping. According to AERI, gift certificates and books rank in the top five of items consumers plan to give or hope to receive this holiday season.

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12 Dec

Book Sense in The Atlantic Monthly

The January/February 2003 issue of The Atlantic Monthly, on sale January 14, will include a Book Sense ad featuring the title Old Flames by John Lawton (Atlantic Monthly Press, 0871138646). Virginia Powers of Olsson's Books in Washington, D.C. provides the Book Sense recommendation.

Another Lawton title, Black Out (Penguin, 0142002763) is also featured in the ad.

For a downloadable PDF of this and other recent Book Sense ads in print, click here.

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26 Nov

Taking the Pledge on Book Sense Gift Certificates

By Bob Sommer

"The Book Sense Gift Certificate potential is still woefully untapped, and ... we are still sending $$$$$$$ to the chains ... every day." -- Carl Lennertz, ABA

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26 Nov

Reminder! Book Sense Holiday Insert and Ads Will be in Consumers Hands Next Week

The December 9 issue of The New Yorker, which goes on sale December 2, will include the latest Book Sense insert, "Booked for the Holidays," as well as a full-page ad featuring the November/December Book Sense 76 Top Ten and a smaller ad highlighting Book Sense pick Last Train to Paradise by Les Standiford (Crown Publishers).

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14 Nov

The New Yorker Gets Book Sense for the Holidays

The December 9 issue of The New Yorker, which goes on sale December 2, will include the latest Book Sense insert, "Booked for the Holidays." The special feature presents the holiday picks of 13 independent booksellers, and the titles are drawn from the November/December Book Sense 76 list. (The full 76 can be reviewed here.)

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29 Oct

A Tale of Three Promotions: Maria's Bookshop Fire on the Mountain Campaign

By Peter Schertz, co-owner of Maria's Bookshop in Durango, Colorado

Last week, Book Sense and the History Channel announced that Maria's Bookshop in Durango, Colorado, was one of three bookstores recognized for their efforts in orchestrating a Fire on the Mountain fundraising campaign (for full story, click here). In the following article, Peter Schertz, co-owner of Maria's Bookshop, details the store's winning promotional campaign, and the steps taken to create it.

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24 Oct

76 Picks in Store, More Publisher Ad Kudos, an October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Book Rec, and a Music Update

By Carl Lennertz

November/December 76 Picks just out:

The flyers are still on press, but will be mailing soon, and here is a reminder about the November/December Top Ten picks already out:

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03 Oct

Book Sense Bestseller Lists in the Media Update

The number of national and local magazines, newspapers, industry publications, and Web sites carrying Book Sense Bestseller (national, regional, or category) lists continues to grow each month.

In September, the media outlets listed below began running one of ABA's Book Sense Bestseller Lists. To view the complete list, click here.

Motorboating Magazine (Nautical List)

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