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17 Mar

AmEx Offers $100 Reward Card for Upgrade to Chip-Enabled System by April 30

The latest American Express program designed to support small businesses offers merchants the opportunity to earn a $100 American Express® Reward Card to help defray the cost of purchasing EMV-enabled card readers for their point-of-sale systems.

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05 Mar

Federal Judge Finds AmEx’s Anti-Steering Rule Violates Antitrust Law

The U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of New York has ruled in favor of a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit brought against American Express Company and American Express Travel Related Services Company for violating antitrust laws by imposing “anti-steering” rules on merchants.

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26 Feb

Bancard Offers Flier on Transition to EMV Chip Card Technology

In preparation for the credit card industry’s transition to EMV chip cards by October 2015, Bancard Systems, ABA’s affiliated credit card processing company, is providing its small business clients with a detailed flier looking at how merchants should plan for the switch.

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04 Feb

What POS Vendors Are Doing to Prepare Booksellers for EMV Chip Cards

Here, six point-of-sale (POS) vendors provide an update on their work to help booksellers transition to EMV chip card technology by fall 2015.

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29 Jan

Point-of-Sale Systems in the Spotlight at Wi10

Booksellers looking for a better understanding of their current point-of-sale system and those looking for a new one are encouraged to attend the Winter Institute’s “Roundtable Discussion on POS Systems” and to visit with POS vendors participating in the Consultation Station.

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17 Dec

Friday Deadline to Rejoin Visa/MasterCard Settlement

Retailers that previously opted out of the Visa/MasterCard credit card swipe fee class action settlement have until this Friday, December 19, to rejoin the cash settlement class.

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11 Dec

Swipe Fee Settlement Deadline December 19

On December 4, bookstore members should have received an e-mail from ABA with updated information regarding the recent notice sent to them by the Visa/MasterCard interchange class settlement administrator.

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04 Dec

Swipe Fee Settlement Update

On Thursday, December 4, the American Booksellers Association e-mailed association member bookstores with updated information regarding a recent notice from the Visa/MasterCard interchange class settlement administrator.

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24 Nov

ABA to Have Swipe Fee Recommendation for Members Next Week

ABA expects to have a recommendation next week regarding the recent notice sent to bookstores that opted out of the Visa and MasterCard credit card swipe fee settlement in 2013.

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13 Nov

Retailers Receiving Offers to Rejoin Interchange Fee Settlement

Bookstores that opted out of the Visa and MasterCard credit card swipe fee cash settlement back in 2013 may have received, or could soon receive, a notice offering them the chance to rejoin the cash settlement class.

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08 Oct

Preparing for the Transition to EMV Chip Cards Next Fall

The credit card industry is in the midst of transitioning to a chip card technology system in order to combat rising reports of fraud. By October 2015, retailers must be equipped with new card terminals at their points of sale or potentially be held liable for fraudulent purchases.

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18 Jun

Retail Groups Ask Court to Overturn Credit Card Swipe Fee Settlement

On Monday, June 16, the National Retail Federation and the Retail Industry Leaders Association urged an appeals court to overturn a federal judge’s approval of a controversial lawsuit settlement over Visa and MasterCard’s credit card swipe fees.

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03 Apr

Ruling Demanding Lower Debit Card Interchange Fees Overturned

In a victory for the banking industry, a federal appeals court has overturned a July 2013 ruling by a U.S. district court that ordered the Federal Reserve to rewrite rules to lower the cap on debit card swipe fees.

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18 Dec

Controversial Swipe Fee Settlement Approved, Retailers Appeal

On Friday, December 13, a U.S. district court judge gave final approval to the $7.25 billion swipe fee settlement reached last year in a class-action lawsuit brought against Visa, MasterCard, and a group of card-issuing banks.

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09 Oct

Swipe Fee Ruling Expected by Mid-January

A U.S. district court judge is expected to issue a ruling before mid-January on the proposed swipe fee settlement reached last year in a class-action lawsuit that is now in its eighth year.

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