10 Oct

First Lady Accepts Books for the White House From ABA

On Wednesday, October 9, the American Booksellers Association presented over 260 books to the White House Library, continuing a tradition that began during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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02 Oct

A Sense of Where You Are -- A Talk With Prague's Arthur Phillips on Irony, Writing, and Life After the Book Tour

Arthur Phillip's debut novel Prague was one of the most critically praised works of 2002. A July/August Book Sense 76 pick, it was also a Book Sense national bestseller and an enthusiastic handsell among independent booksellers nationwide.

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26 Sep

A Gift of Books to the Nation from the ABA

In a tradition begun during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the American Booksellers Association will be making a gift of books to President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush for the White House Library on October 9, 2002.

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25 Sep

Telling the Truth of Family History in Fiction

Bo Caldwell has written fiction for years, publishing about a dozen short stories in Ploughshares and other literary magazines.

But she's also written an equal amount of nonfiction, in the form of personal essays for the Washington Post's Post Magazine and other publications.

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24 Sep

Shirley Muller, Owner of Bay Books in Coronado, Dies at 65

Shirley Muller, the prominent Southern California bookseller, died of cancer on September 18. She was 65.

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18 Sep

Some Indies Going from Bookstore to Publishing House

Following in a noble tradition, in the past few years, some independent booksellers have begun publishing or writing their own books. These booksellers noted that -- despite experiencing many challenges along the way -- publishing or authoring books has given them a sense of accomplishment and has allowed them to bring to light important books or ideas that otherwise might never have been published.

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18 Sep

Pugilist at Rest

By Daniel Halpern

The bond between a writer and an editor is complex and essential. Daniel Halpern, editorial director of Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins, remembers the writer F.X. Toole, an "unusually unyielding author and friend," whose collection of short stories, Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner, became one of those books that can justify a life in publishing.

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16 Sep

Monica Wood -- A Book Sense Favorite for Her Fiction -- Shares Ideas on the Craft of Writing in Latest Book Sense Pick

Author Monica Wood of Portland, Maine, is a good exemplar of the apt phrase "Those who can, teach."

The "teach" part is demonstrated by the adult education and other workshops in fiction-writing technique that Wood's led for years -- and by her new book, The Pocket Muse: Ideas & Inspirations for Writing (Writer's Digest Books), a September/October Book Sense 76 pick.

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10 Sep

Beam Me Down Under -- Tony Horwitz Travels the Pacific in Search of Captain James Cook

When Tony Horwitz stepped off the plane to Savage Island, he knew almost nothing about the place.

He'd done this on purpose. As part of a year and a half-long journey throughout the Pacific following in the wake of 18th century explorer James Cook, Horwitz wanted at least one blank spot on the map -- a place that was truly terra incognita for a 21st century American author.

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04 Sep

How I Spent My Summer Vacation -- Bookseller Style

Gayle Shanks, co-owner of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona, wrote this "letter" to friends of the store, for the bookstore's September e-mail newsletter, BookStories. BTW is grateful for permission to reprint her letter, which is a wonderful travelogue of a true bookperson's busman's holiday.

Dear Bookstore Friends,

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22 Aug

A Decade of Great Books and Customers Comes to a Close

By Jennifer Anglin of The Enchanted Forest

The noted children's bookstore The Enchanted Forest in Dallas is closing. Here, owner Jennifer Anglin shares a letter about how she reached her decision, and what bookselling has meant to her.

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22 Aug

Coast-to-Coast Independent Bookseller Favorite Debuts in Paperback

This week marks the trade paper publication of Leif Enger's Peace Like a River. The title was an independent bookseller favorite from the moment it was published. It was a No. 1 Book Sense 76 pick and won the 2002 Book Sense Book of the Year Award for fiction.

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21 Aug


'Giant' in Chicago Bookselling Community Dies

Anne Waddington Leonard, proprietor of Anne W. Leonard Books in Chicago, died on July 31 at her home in Beverly, Illinois. She was 67. "We heard her reading light was still on when she was found; she worked at her store during the day and died in her sleep," John Presta, co-owner of nearby Reading on Walden Bookstore, told BTW.

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