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11 Mar

Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, and Santa Cruz Sentinel Support E-Fairness

Citing the economic crisis and looming budget deficits, this past week, three major newspapers featured editorials in support of e-fairness. The Miami Herald and the Orlando Sentinel called on Florida lawmakers to join the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel urged California legislators to support Assembly Bill 178, which is modeled after New York State's Internet sales tax provision.

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04 Mar

E-Fairness Campaign Launches in Florida

On Monday, March 2, the American Booksellers Association asked Florida booksellers to urge their state lawmakers to craft Internet Sales Tax legislation modeled after the bill adopted by New York State in April 2008. In the past two months, similar sales tax legislation has been introduced in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Minnesota.

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26 Feb

Virginia Booksellers Urge State Leadership to Enforce Sales Tax Laws

On Thursday, February 26, a group of Virginia-based independent booksellers wrote to their state leaders to urge them to enforce existing sales tax laws by requiring to collect and remit sales tax for sales made in Virginia. operates two facilities, a fulfillment center and data center, in the state.

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19 Feb

Booksellers in CT & MN Call on Colleagues to Join E-Fairness Effort

This week, three booksellers in Connecticut and four booksellers in Minnesota strongly encouraged ABA member colleagues in their respective states to join the fight for e-fairness. Legislators in Connecticut and Minnesota are among the latest to introduce legislation, modeled on New York State's Internet Sales Tax provision, which would require out-of-state companies that have affiliates in their states to collect and remit sales tax.

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05 Feb

California Booksellers Urged to Contact State Lawmakers on E-Fairness

Today, in a joint effort, the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association (NCIBA), the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association (SCIBA), and the American Booksellers Association began e-mailing California booksellers to urge them to contact their state assemblymembers in support of Assembly Bill 178, legislation that would clarify California sales tax law.

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28 Jan

Booksellers Urged to Contact State Legislators on E-Fairness

The American Booksellers Association is encouraging booksellers in 44 states that collect sales tax to write to their state legislators to urge them to follow New York's lead and introduce legislation to clarify their state's existing tax laws.

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22 Jan

California Commission Member Open to NY Internet Sales Tax Model

A member of a new California commission that is looking to stabilize the state's budget cycles by modernizing revenue laws said he is open to pursuing an Internet Sales Tax provision similar to the one passed in April 2008 by New York State and recently affirmed in court with the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by

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21 Jan

Booksellers Urged to Contact State Legislators About E-Fairness

The American Booksellers Association is calling on booksellers in 44 states that collect sales tax to write to their state legislators today to urge them to follow New York's lead and introduce legislation that would clarify their state's existing tax laws.

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21 Jan

Wi4 Panel to Shed Light on E-Fairness Initiatives & How to Lobby State Government

Following the recent New York State court decision that dismissed's challenge to New York's Internet Sale Tax provision -- which ensures that online retailers collect mandated sales tax -- the Winter Institute session focusing on how booksellers can work to effect important legislative and political change is even more timely.

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14 Jan
14 Jan

ABA Asks Congress to Add E-Fairness Bill to Economic Stimulus Package

This week, in a letter addressed to Democratic and Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the American Booksellers Association joined the E-Fairness Coalition in calling on Congress to include the provisions of the Sales Tax Fairness and Simplification Act (STFSA) in any economic stimulus legislation under consideration. STFSA is a bipartisan bill introduced in the House (H.R. 3396) by Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA) and in the Senate (S. 34) by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY).

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14 Jan

Virginia Bookseller Makes News for E-Fairness Efforts

On Wednesday, January 14, Sarah Pishko of Prince Books in Norfolk, Virginia, was the focus of a front-page news story in The Virginian-Pilot regarding her e-fairness efforts.

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23 Dec

2009 - 2010 New York State Budget Expands Affiliate Nexus Definition

A provision in the proposed 2009 - 2010 New York State budget, unveiled by Gov. David Paterson on December 16, would significantly expand the definition of affiliate nexus for online purchases. The affiliate nexus statute is one of the ways in which Gov. Paterson is looking to close an estimated $15.4 billion budget deficit.

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10 Dec

Study Finds Out-of-Date Sales Tax Laws Provide Windfalls for Chains

According to a new study by the nonprofit research center Good Jobs First, little-known sales tax laws in 26 states that allow retailers to legally skim a percentage of sales tax revenue to pay for the administrative costs of collecting and remitting sales tax are providing big box retailers with an enormous advantage over their smaller competitors.

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