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10 Dec

Study Finds Out-of-Date Sales Tax Laws Provide Windfalls for Chains

According to a new study by the nonprofit research center Good Jobs First, little-known sales tax laws in 26 states that allow retailers to legally skim a percentage of sales tax revenue to pay for the administrative costs of collecting and remitting sales tax are providing big box retailers with an enormous advantage over their smaller competitors.

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19 Nov

The E-Fairness Effort Needs You

The American Booksellers Association is calling on booksellers in 44 states that collect sales tax to write to their governors today to urge that online retailers with in-state affiliates be required to collect and remit sales tax in accordance with existing laws. Recently, 11 independent trade groups wrote to the governors and asked them to equitably enforce existing tax laws.

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13 Nov

Booksellers' Sales Tax Letter-Writing Campaign 'All Part of Shop Local'

The American Booksellers Association is calling on booksellers in 44 states that collect sales tax to write to their governors today to urge that online retailers with in-state affiliates be required to collect and remit sales tax in accordance with existing laws.

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06 Nov

Trade Associations Call on Governors to Ensure Sales Tax Equity

Eleven independent trade groups joined this week to urge the governors in 44 states that collect sales tax to equitably enforce existing tax laws. The groups stressed that, given the budget shortfalls that most states are facing, now more than ever, it's a state's obligation to ensure sales tax equity by requiring out-of-state retailers with nexus in the state to collect and remit sales tax.

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18 Sep

Back Tax Settlement Between California and B&N Finalized

California's Board of Equalization (BOE) and Barnes & Noble have finalized their agreement over sales taxes owed by B&N will be required to pay the state approximately $9 million in back taxes, plus penalties and interest, for failure to collect and remit sales tax, as previously reported in Bookselling This Week.

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27 Aug

NYC Loses $29 Million in Sales Tax on Internet Purchases in Single Year

From July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007, more than $50 million of combined state and local taxes on Internet sales generated by New York City consumers went uncollected, including $29 million in lost New York City revenue, according to the city's Independent Budget Office. The findings are part of the report "E-Commerce: Eroding City's Sales Tax Revenue," released this month.

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29 Jul

E-Fairness Update: NYC Mayor Backs E-Fairness Provision

This month, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg came out in favor of New York State's Internet Sales Tax provision, which is currently being challenged in court by and

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25 Jun

More Questions About and Sales Tax

The latest column by Wall Street Journal writer Lee Gomes takes a close look at what he characterizes as "an audacious legal strategy has used to avoid collecting sales tax" in some states where it has warehouses or distribution centers.

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18 Jun

New York Asks to Consolidate Suit With Amazon

Last week, New York State asked to consolidate its lawsuit challenging the state's Internet Sales Tax provision with an earlier suit filed by The case, which will be heard in New York Supreme Court, is slated to begin on Monday, July 7.

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04 Jun

California and B&N Reach Settlement on Back Sales Tax

In a significant victory for California's independent booksellers, the state's Board of Equalization (BOE) and Barnes & Noble have settled two cases regarding the collection of sales and use taxes on sales made by On Thursday, May 29, the California BOE affirmed and approved a settlement that has B&N paying a settlement of approximately $9 million.

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21 May

WSJ Columnist Says Real World Needs E-fairness

As booksellers in New York, Texas, and other states work to advance e-fairness and the equitable collection of sales tax, the issue is gaining national prominence. Here is a recent column from the Wall Street Journal's Lee Gomes, who questions why "Internet moguls should continue to benefit from a tax loophole that hurts parks and schools, and makes it harder for your neighborhood bookstore to keep open for business."

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20 May

Booksellers Urged to Join the Campaign for E-Fairness

Over the past two months, there have been significant strides in the campaign for e-fairness that have thrust the issue into the media spotlight. To keep the issue on the minds of legislators, the American Booksellers Association is urging booksellers to write, fax, or e-mail their governors about this important issue.

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15 May

Nexus in Texas? State to Investigate's Irving Facility

The State of Texas Comptroller's Office is currently investigating whether the presence of an distribution facility in the Dallas suburb of Irving means the online retailing giant has a physical presence in the state. If the Comptroller's Office determines that does have nexus, the retailer would be responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax for purchases made by Texas residents and potentially would be liable for back taxes.

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08 May
02 May to Start Collecting New York Sales Tax

On May 2,, LLC, and Amazon Services, LLC, announced that as of June 1 they would begin collecting sales tax on sales to New York State residents. This decision comes even as pursues its legal action against New York State over its Internet Sales Tax provision. As reported yesterday in Bookselling This Week, on April 25, Amazon filed a complaint in the Supreme Court of the State of New York that challenges as unconstitutional the provision in the state's budget.

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