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Updated Responsive Themes to ConsiderImage result for responsive

More than 44% of the customers visiting IndieCommerce websites are using mobile devices. Mobile use is not slowing down; if anything, it is growing by leaps and bounds. With so many mobile customer visiting–and buying–it is absolutely essential that your website be mobile friendly (responsive).


IndieCommerce is offering some new and newly updated responsive themes for you to consider. Here are some sample sites/themes we recommend: - Business Responsive (new theme) - United Zymphonies (new theme) - Media Responsive (updated theme) - Premium Responsive (updated theme)

If you need assistance or want more information, please contact


Webinar on "Making the Most of Book Data on Your Website

IndieCommerce participating stores are invited to attend a webinar on “Making the Most of Book Data on Your Website” from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, August 2.

A bookstore website is nothing without books, and while IndieCommerce offers plenty — more than 10 million of them — this webinar will instruct attendees how to make the best use of the tools available to:

1. Sell non-book items, including maps, calendars, and journals, through your site

2. Interpret special “admin only” data about books on your website, such as the price source, Ingram desire score, and Family ID

3. Get the most out of tools such as local store inventory, not for sale, store pricing, and more

4. Adjust the search algorithm to highlight books and products more relevant to your store

5. Enable and disable partner content from NPR and LitHub

6. Enable and disable the sale of e-books and digital audiobooks through your site

All IndieCommerce participating stores are invited to attend the webinar (IndieLite does not offer the features that will be covered), which will be hosted by ABA’s Matt Supko. Booksellers can register for the webinar here.

IndieCommerce members can visit the IndieCommerce Webinar Center and the IndieLite Webinar Center at any time to catch up on the 2018 IndieCommerce webinar series.


Calendars and Other “Booklike” Sidelines Now Available
Stores now have the option to offer Ingram’s “T” category of sidelines through IndieCommerce. These sidelines include calendars, blank journal books, and maps. As you know, calendars in particular do very well during the holiday shopping season.


To activate this feature go to:

Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Configure Book Settings


If you need assistance, please contact

New IndieCommerce Calendar Features

Our previous upgrade to the event calendar included the following:
1. Pop-up on desktop calendar (with the event information)

2. Responsive calendar on mobile


After that upgrade, we heard from stores who liked the responsive mobile but not the desktop pop-up. So, you now have the option to turn it on or off...


This new upgrade includes:

1. Stores can opt out of the desktop pop-up from their 'Store Preferences' page. (It is enabled by default)

2. The event title in the pop-up is also a clickable link


Questions? Please contact us at


Kobo eReader Promotion

On July 1, 2018, Kobo instituted a new process for ABA member stores to purchase eReaders to sell in-store or online. Stores will now use unique discount codes to purchase devices at the same 5% discount and with the same affiliation terms as before.  

All ABA bookstore members in good standing are eligible to participate Kobo’s eReader program. To receive discount codes, email* You will receive a confirmation email along with INTERNAL and EXTERNAL discount codes from Rakuten Kobo. A unique discount code is affiliated to each ABA member, and each code can be used multiple times by that store.

Stores can visit to order in-store inventory with their internal discount code. Please note this URL has been updated, and a password is no longer required to enter the store.

The external discount code allows ABA members to promote Kobo hardware to their customers through an online affiliate program, with no inventory liability. External discounts codes are to be shared with your customers.

Details, including enrollment, affiliate pricing, and shipping information, are included in this PDF from Kobo.

Inquiries about the new purchasing process should be addressed to

Note that ABA is not involved in the administration of this program or with the sales of Kobo eReaders.
*Include your Kobo affiliate ID, ABA Member ID, store name, main contact email, address, and phone

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