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Time is Running Out!

On May 10th join us for the 2016 IndieCommerce Institute in Chicago. This is a wonderful opportunity you to learn how to make the most of your IndieCommerce website. We'll cover everything in-depth, with plenty of time for questions and live demonstrations. Follow along on your computer with free wi-fi and lunch is included with your registration. To learn more, please visit the ICI 2016 registration page.


"I Sure Need Some Help..."

Have you got some great ideas for your IndieCommerce site, but don't know how to make them happen? Stop by and visit us at BEA for some free one on one assistance with one of our friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff. We'll help you relieve your website anxieties. Hurry though, slots are filling up fast. Register today!


New Feature: Related Editions

Option for stores to display the 'Related Editions' above the 'Description' on the book product page (See photo). This adds related editions to the top of the book product page, between the add to cart form and book description. Stores can choose to display no related editions at the top. 1, 2, 3, 4, or all related editions. If there are more related editions than their chosen number, a "More..." anchored link will appear to the full list at the bottom of the page.

This preference has been added to the "Book Availability Statuses" page - Store -> Configuration -> Account Information and Preferences -> Configure Book Settings


Secure Images are now being served

​Book cover images are now served over https://. This means they can now be used on secure pages, such as login and checkout. Stores who have copied and pasted images may wish to update their tags to use the new, secure book URLs. In most cases this is as simple as changing the first part of the link from “” to “”. This applies only to images that store administrators copied and pasted into blocks or the body field—content provided by IndieCommerce such as book pages, book lists, and the Indie Next List block will automatically use the new, secure links.

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