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Rank High in Local Search Results

​Twenty ABA member stores attended the 2016 IndieCommerce Institute (ICI) at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. For the first time ICI offered a guest speaker. Max Thomas the CEO of discussed how independent bookshops can optimize their website's listing for local online search. Three videos from Max's presentation can be viewed in the IndieCommerce Webinar Center at

The videos give some very interesting insights into how ABA members can drive traffic and sales from local search results. Grab a hot beverage and take notes. These videos could make a dramatic difference in how your site will appear in local search results.

​Kobo and Your Website

In this recently released video Michael Tamblyn, the President and CEO of Kobo, discusses the marketing and revenue opportunities that Kobo can bring to independent booksellers.

IndieCommerce One-on-One Appointments at Ci4 in Orlando

Please register online today for a free IndieCommerce one-on-one appointments at the ABC Children's Institute in Orlando. One-on-one sessions will take place Tuesday, June 21; Wednesday, June 22; and Thursday, June 23. The appointments will be held in the Hibiscus room of the Wyndham Orlando Resort. Time slots are limited so choose multiple options; we will try to accommodate your first request. You will receive an email confirmation prior to Ci4 with your appointment date and time. Should you need to move or cancel your appointment, please email as soon as possible.

Unclaimed Money?

If you use ABA's account to process online credit card orders, please remember to "complete" orders when they are shipped, so that the ABA can transfer the funds for those orders to your bank account. We are seeing that some stores have been leaving these orders as "payment received," which charges the customer's credit card and puts the money in ABA's holding account, where it stays until the store "completes" the order. Make sure to complete all online orders. If you have questions about how, please contact

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