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We've been raving about the success that many IndieCommerce sites have experienced by using interstitials. These magical pop-ups solicit new subscribers to your email list, for newsletters or other marketing campaigns.. No matter what page your customer lands on when they first visit your IndieCommerce site, they will be greeted with a friendly pop-up requesting their email address. Customers can also click to decline seeing the message again.

Pop-up webpages are a low cost and easy set-up marketing strategy. Email us at for assistance getting started.

drupal logo for monthly maintenanceMonthly Maintenance Window

Each month during our scheduled maintenance time, IndieCommerce may install an upgrade or other necessary software fixes to benefit the entire network. We are keeping up with Drupal upgrades and are now running Drupal 7.44 on your website. We have also upgraded to the latest views and Apache Solr modules.

New Feature

Previously, stores that uploaded LSI, had only one “availability” status description product pages, search results pages, and book lists, and elsewhere. That meant that stores with multiple locations needed to use a description like "Available. Click on the title to find out availability at each location,” which led to customer confusion.

To address this issue, we now offer an extra field - On Our Shelves Now (Detail Page). See: Store -> Configuration -> Account Information and Preferences -> Configure Book Settings

By default, this new field will match the description for “On Our Shelves Now.”

Here is an example from search results:

search result sample image

Here is an example from a product detail page:

product detail image

E-mail button logoAdditional Contact Information

It is absolutely vital that you make sure that IndieCommerce and ABA have the most current contact information for your. There have been many occasions where we needed to contact the website admin but the information on file was incorrect.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE login to your account and go to Store -> Configuration -> Store -> Basic Information to make sure all of the contact info is current. If you need assistance, please contact

IndieCommerce Webinar ImageIndieCommerce Webinar: Discount Coupons, Part 3

The next webinar will be offered on Thursday, July 28 and on Tuesday, Aug 2.

Please register online at :

This webinar is the third in a series on Discount Coupons and will include the following

a) Setting up “Free Shipping” coupon for orders and roles
b) Emailing coupons to customers upon registration and order completion
c) Applying coupon codes by adding them to any URL
d) Marketing your website coupons

The webinar consists of a 60 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute Q&A period. If you already have a list of questions on this topic, please email then to prior to the webinar.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure your site has a “Logout” option for your customers who log in. To test, login to your site as a customer, not as a store admin, to confirm.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to email us with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions.
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