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As you are probably aware, over the past year we have seen quite a few errors in the author biography meta data for titles listed on your IndieCommerce site. Ingram came up with a fix for this and we will be integrating the new author biography meta data into the IndieCommerce system ​beginning this Sunday morning August 7 and continuing through Monday evening August 8.

As part of this update we will be re-indexing search. While this indexing is taking place, we would prefer that you not add custom products to your IndieCommerce store. If you do add custom products, they are not going to show up in search while the indexing is taking place.

Also, "Local Store Inventory" (LSI) uploads from Above The Treeline or directly from your POS system will not be processed. We will resume processing LSI files on Tuesday​ morning,​ August 9th. Please note that except for the services mentioned above, your IndieCommerce site should be up and running.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Director of IndieCommerce

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