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HTTPS Everywhere

Your IndieCommerce site currently encrypts all customer information and the checkout process. The next level of security is encrypting ALL pages. The biggest benefit to encrypting the entire site is the potential for better Google search rankings. It also insures customer privacy

The little green padlock that appears at the top of web browsers –the sign of an encrypted secure page – is reassuring to customers. Future versions of web browsers will increasingly highlight the padlock,to make website security more visible. If you are interested in helping us test "HTTPS Everywhere" across your entire website, please email [email protected].

​See Us At SIBA16

Registration for IndieCommerce one-on-one sessions at the SIBA16 Discover Show is now open via our online form. Walk-ins are also welcome.

ABA LogoShipping Restriction Removed

A restriction in the IndieCommerce platform forced stores to have at least two possible shipping quotes for any given order. This restriction has now been removed. The default choice is now that an order can have only one shipping method allowed.

Tips & Tricks

When adding an image, please remember to add 'Alt text' for that image. This will help your site to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Instructions are available here.

Schedule Change for ACH Payment Processing of Orders

Due to staff vacations and the Labor Day holiday, ACH transfer for online orders will not be processed on Sept 1. Instead, they will be processed on Thursday, Aug 25 and then again on Tuesday, Sept. 6. We will resume our regular schedule for ACH transfers on Thursday, Sept 15.​

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