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IndieCommerce Fraud Alerts

IndieCommerce stores continue to be affected by fraudulent orders, generally all under $40. Before processing online orders, PLEASE check for the following...

1. Is the credit card billing address on the order the same as the shipping address ?

2. Check to see if either the credit card billing address or the shipping address are within the same state as your bookstore.

If your answer is no to both 1 and 2, do NOT process the order. Immediately email with the order information and we will investigate further. To repeat, the fraudulent orders we are seeing are all around or under $40

Each fraudulent order that is reported allows us to possibly stop fraud on your website as well as throughout the entire IndieCommerce network. 

Many thanks for your help.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to email us with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions.
The IndieCommerce team

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