The E-Commerce Newsletter For Booksellers          November 13, 2020

New Credit Card Fraud Flag for Nov 2020: Suspicious IP Addresses
This new fraud check analyzes the IP address that placed an order on your website to determine what type of company it belongs to and how it is used.

Our team has been studying patterns of fraud across the IndieCommerce/IndieLite network, and one of the most reliable red flags has turned out to be the nature of the IP address that placed the order. For more information on how this feature works, we’ve updated the Fraudulent Orders Document in the IndieCommerce help center. The second section in that doc titled “New Flag for Nov 2020: Suspicious IP Address” covers this latest anti fraud feature in detail. If you have additional questions after reviewing the doc, please contact [email protected]

Other Types of eCommerce Fraud
An IndieCommerce store sent us examples of highly suspicious email they recently received. The first email began:

Found a transaction from your shop previous month. This is strange since I have never visited your store. I have official paper confirming the purchase on your site

Another email from the same sender followed. It contained a URL linked to what looked like an online PDF file which the sender claimed was their bank statement, containing proof of the charge. The PDF was actually a compressed zip file that probably contained a nasty computer virus.

Don’t open attachments or visit URLs within emails from customers you don’t know. If you receive suspicious emails or suspect online fraud, please share this information with us so that we can warn other stores. Contact [email protected]

Limiting Product Availability To Specific Ingram Warehouses
This new feature allows your store to alter the availability of books on your website based on which Ingram warehouses have the product in stock.

  • This feature is not recommended for stores that rely on CDF (the "Send to Ingram" button).  Limiting the warehouses will only make it harder for customers to order. (CDF shops all warehouses, regardless which ones are available to your store.)
  • Inventory numbers for Ingram may be different on IndieCommerce than what you see in iPage.  The reason for this is that IndieCommerce uses data for Ingram's CDF program. Quantities available for CDF may be different than quantities available to order by bookstores.
  • This feature is intended for stores who do their own fulfillment.

For more information, please visit this page. Questions? Contact [email protected]g 

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