The E-Commerce Newsletter For Booksellers          December  17 2020

More IndieLite Upgrades
A few more new IndieLite features to help your store manage online orders….

  • Disable & Enable Checkout - Store admins on IndieLite websites are now able to disable and enable the checkout system, allowing stores to temporarily prevent orders from being submitted online. A handy feature if you have limited staffing and want to slow down incoming orders.
  • Print a “Pick List”- The new Pick List feature on IndieLite now also offers a print option on the page so that your store can now print out a pick list of online orders.

Local Store Inventory (LSI) Only Option
A useful feature for all bookstores to limit online sales to what is in stock at the store. This setting will show the 'Add to cart' button only if a book is currently in stock in LSI. Customers will still be able to see other books but cannot buy them. This feature can be enabled and disabled as needed.

Sell only books that appear in LSI - Show the “Add to Cart” button only if a book is currently in stock in LSI. Customers will still be able to see other books, but they cannot buy them. To enable this feature, go to: Store > Configuration > Local Store Inventory > LSI Settings.

On Tuesday 12/15 Google Mail Had a Bad Day
This past Tuesday outgoing email to Gmail and G Suite recipients may have been delayed or not received due to ongoing issues at Gmail. The issue is being tracked and worked on by both Google and our email provider, SendGrid.

If your customers use Gmail or G Suite, they may not have received email from your IndieCommerce/IndieLite site, as well as from other senders. For more information...

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