The E-Commerce Newsletter For Booksellers          March  7, 2021

NEW ! - “Ask A Bookseller” Feature For IndieCommerce Stores
The ‘Ask a Bookseller’ feature creates an opportunity for an online customer to communicate with a bookseller. When a customer clicks on the “Ask A Bookseller” button, it creates a webform on your site where they can ask your staff questions about specific titles. This is a great way for customers to check stock availability of a title, place a special order or ask about similar titles or topics. It also gives booksellers the opportunity to handsell to an online customer.

Here is an one example of how an IndieCommerce site is currently using this feature for a “Hard To Find” title. Here is another example from another bookseller where the title is on back-order.
Click here for more information about the “Ask A Bookseller” feature.

Add 50,000 Non-book products from Ingram to Your IndieCommerce Website
In addition to the 10 million books currently available on your Indiecommerce website, data is available from Ingram for approximately 25,000 calendars, maps, blank books, and other book-like non-book items (Department T), and approximately 25,000 gift & game non-book items (Department M). To enable these products for sale on your site, just go to:

Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Configure Book Settings

And check on these two settings, if they are not already enabled.  The products will be immediately available on your site after that. Here is more information about selling non-book products on your website.

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