The E-Commerce Newsletter For Booksellers          March 30, 2022

Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) Webinar TODAY at 1pm ET
At TODAY'S live, online, instructional webinar, a member of the IndieCommerce team will discuss working with the Independent Bookstore Day feature on your IndieCommerce and IndieLite websites. We’ll cover the and other content for the event, how to manage IBD orders through your IC/IL site, and other resources available. If you have questions during the session, we’ll be happy to address those as well. To register for this webinar, click here.

POS Integration With IndieCommerce 
Did you read our two part series about the six POS systems that now offer integration with IndieCommerce?  POS systems like Anthology, Basil, IBIDie, iMRCHT & Wordstock now offer features like automatic export of orders from IndieCommerce into their POS. This feature and others, can help your store process online order faster and more effeciently. For more infotmation, you can now read part 1 here and part 2 here.

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