Design for Strategic In-Store Merchandising: Small Business Management Seminar

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
18 Lower West ACC

Pre-registration required; $45 fee per person; space is limited. Must be attending Wi14. Register here

This seminar is an intensive, three-hour deep dive into key strategies and real-life applications of traditional and non-traditional visual merchandising (“VM") techniques. While addressing the growing challenges of booksellers’ retail and online business,VM expert Paula Taylor will take participants through a series of hands-on modules, lectures, and discussions. Attendees will learn the important role VM plays as a “secret salesperson" and how to incorporate new digital marketing concepts, technologies, and methodologies into virtual merchandising. The workshop provides hands-on examples and takeaways, positioning VM as a signature marketing tool and the key component in driving conversions and sales. The ABA Visual Merchandising workshop will emphasize practical and realistic techniques that don’t require a big budget or a massive store remodel.

Attendees will participate in hands-on activities and real-life problem solving of VM issues. The workshop includes breakout sessions and group presentations aimed at solving a series of VM problems by applying concepts and techniques learned. Participants can expect to gain practical strategies in the following categories:

  • The fundamentals of VM
  • Current trends and best practices in the merchandising industry
  • Key strategies and intent to VM
  • Omnichannel VM
  • Fixture placement and product assortment
  • How to employ failsafe merchandising techniques
  • Color psychology as a tool for merchandising and marketing

    In addition, Lisa Uhrik of Franklin Fixtures will provide a thirty-minute segment on fully utilizing existing fixtures. She will discuss what makes a fixture really work as your silent sales force and how to optimize sales and merchandising space.

    Paula Taylor owns and operates Paula Taylor Productions. Mrs. Taylor maintains an active international consulting business in retail management, Visual Merchandising, and brand development. Mrs. Taylor’s career has included traditional, and nontraditional visual merchandising for nationally branded retail stores, independent boutiques, and pop-up shops around the globe. Paula spent 8 years as an Adjunct Professor at the Art Institute of Tucson in Fashion Design, Retail Management, and Visual Merchandising and Marketing programs.

    As co-owner of Franklin Fixtures, Lisa Uhrik is a passionate Indie advocate with organizational development expertise. She aims to use her unique visibility in a wide array of bookstores to help create a repository of knowledge about creating success through the physical Pattern Languages that are present and utilized in bookstores.

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