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ABACUS 101: Improving Bookstore Operations Through Benchmarking

ABACUS 101: Improving Bookstore Operations Through Benchmarking (January 24, 2018)
Content related to the education session, ABACUS 101: Improving Bookstore Operations Through Benchmarking at Winter Institute 2018.
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ABACUS is a yearly benchmarking survey that gathers key information and insights on bookstore financials. Stores that participate in ABACUS know how important this unique and actionable data is to their store’s long-term viability. Industry Insights, the organization that compiles and analyzes the confidential bookstore data, will offer a tutorial on the new ABACUS web portal, review key survey trends and results, and demonstrate how to generate reports to best utilize a store’s data. In addition, booksellers who regularly submit to ABACUS will explain how they have been able to implement changes based on their ABACUS report.

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