Favorite Bookstore Forms, Documents, and Procedures

    Gramercy Books Consignment 1 (jpg)
    Gramercy Books Consignment 2 (jpg)
    Can't Find, Customer Request, IBID Corrections (jpg)
    Bright Side Bookshop Phone Order (pdf)
    Bright Side Bookshop Orientation and Training (pdf)
    Bright Side Bookshop Loss Control (pdf)
    Bright Side Bookshop Event Evaluation (pdf)
    Bright Side Bookshop Daily Manager Sheets (pdf)
    Bright Side Bookshop Bookseller Job Description (pdf)
    Avid Bookshop at Five Points Daily Checklist (pdf)
    Avid Bookshop Consignment Application (pdf)
    Avid Bookshop Monthly Tasks (pdf)
    Avid Bookshop Request to Book and Event (pdf)
    Avid In-shop Event Checklist (pdf)
    Wild Rumpus Employee Performance Evaluation (pdf)

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