Log In To Your Site

    If the User login block is disabled on your site and you have not added a ‘Log in’ link to your menu, it is useful to know the path to get that page:


    To log in

    • Enter Username
    • Enter Password
    • Click Log In

    Your successful login should take you to your account page. You can click on your site name or home menu to go to your home page.

    Website Best Practices

    Creating a leading website takes thought and planning, a site is typically considered successful if it is well designed, useful and in e-commerce aspects, lucrative. While different stores each have different website needs, there are some best practices that are global to all sites. In this guide, we explain those best practices and have broken them down into 4 categories:


    Custom Front Page


    For a website, the ‘Front Page’ is what site visitors land on when they go to www.yoursitename.com. Any published content ‘promoted to the front page’ will be the default content on the front page. You may, however, create a custom front page and set that to display by default instead.

    The first step to creating a custom front page is to create the page itself. If you’re not familiar with creating pages you can find the instructions here, or you can watch our training video.

    A Beginner's Guide

    If you are new to IndieCommerce and not sure where to begin or if you consider yourself a beginner, this is for you! In this webinar we cover, the IndieCommerce team will provide step by step instructions on:

    • How to configure your new IndieCommerce site
    • Share some website best practices to get the most out of your site

    IndieCommerce Overview

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Message Center
    • IndieCommunication newsletter
    • Store preferences
    • Custom content... and more.

    Order Processing Overview

    The main page listing all orders for review is at Store > Orders. Here you will find a list of all active orders and it is from here that you will process these orders as needed. In this document, we’ll review what each order status means and the difference between Store Fulfilled Orders and Wholesaler Fulfilled Orders. We will also go over 5 basic order scenarios and how to complete them.

    Can I have a staging environment to work with my custom theme?

    We can not create or provide extra sites for users.  We recommend instead, creating your new theme in a local installation of Drupal 7, then when your theme is ready, you can upload it to your Drupal 7 themes folder. If you have not already done so, please contact staff@bookweb.org for SFTP access to your themes folder.


    The module I need is not on the IndieCommerce-approved modules list. Can I still use it?

    Do not begin work on your theme, if your work is dependent on an unsupported module or you do not see the module on the approved modules list.  You can write staff@bookweb.org with the name of the module along with a link to the module's page. We will test the module to see if it is compatible with the IndieCommerce platform.  If it is compatible, we will make it available to you and all IndieCommerce users.  

    What are the IndieCommerce-approved modules?

    The following lists offer modules currently supported by IndieCommerce. Customized or custom-built themes must not be dependent upon unlisted modules. Please direct questions to staff@bookweb.org.

    Are there rules for either customized or completely custom-built themes?

    There are three important considerations for any store planning to customize an IndieCommerce off-the-shelf theme, a purchased theme or a custom-designed and built theme. 
    First, the final theme must be compatible with Drupal 7. 
    Second, the final theme must not be dependent upon any Drupal module unsupported by IndieCommerce. 

    I have hired the help of a third party developer to update my site. How can the developer get started?

    First, send us an email informing us that you have hired a developer to work on your site (name and email).  We will set up an SFTP account to provide access to your site's theme folder.
    Second, have the developer review the FAQ section of the IC Help Center.  
    If your developer has additional questions, he can email us at staff@bookweb.org and if needed, we can schedule a call.


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