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We are pleased to announce that pre-orders can now be sent to Ingram for direct fulfillment.

Two of the largest benefits of the new feature are speed and convenience.


This upcoming Sunday, August 4th, all IndieCommerce sites will be temporarily offline for scheduled maintenance.


We are closing in on our July 31st deadline for early bird registrants, now is the time to sign up for this year's IndieCommerce Institute!


Many stores have found it effective to highlight low-priced publisher eBook promotions to gain new Kobo customers.  While a customer may be cautious of buying their first Kobo eBook at full retail price, it's hard to resist a great eBook for only $2.99.


We are pleased to announce that your staff reviews can now be added to the product pages of individual titles. We're pretty excited about this new feature and we've tried our best to make it easy for you to feature reviews and for your customers to find them.


Due to time away from the office by several staff, IndieCommerce money management will occur somewhat out of cycle this month. 


As you may have heard, we'll be hosting our third annual IndieCommerce Institute this fall in two locations.

Our first installment will be on September 19th in New Orleans, and we'll be visiting San Francisco on October 2nd.


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