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Your shopping cart is configured by default, however, there are settings you can adjust to alter the shopping experience for your customers.


  1. PANES

    • Default Cart Form - Allows the cart form to appear and display the items added to the cart, this should NOT be disabled
    • Special Discounts - Allows any automated discounts that have been applied to the order to be displayed on the cart page (IndieCommerce Only)
    • Coupon Discount - Allows a coupon to be applied to the order from the cart page (IndieCommerce Only)
    • Shipping Quotes - Allows the customer to view shipping quotes and obtain estimated shipping costs from the cart page

    • Display a message when a customer adds an item to their cart - Displays a confirmation message to the customer when an item has been added to cart.  Example: Book Title added to your cart.
    • Add to cart redirect - The path entered determines the page the customer is redirected to when an item is added to their cart

      • <none> - keeps the customer on the page where they clicked on the 'Add to cart' button. It could be product page, search results page, book list etc.
      • Cart - directs the customer to the cart page
      • Left Blank - directs the customer to the front page
    • Show an "Empty cart" button on the cart page - Adds a third button on the cart page - 'Empty Cart' - that will allow the customer to remove all items from the cart without having to remove them individually
    • Minimum order subtotal - Prevents the customer from checking out if this total isn’t met, this setting cannot be modified.


This sets the length of time that products remain in the cart, by default the following settings are in place and cannot be changed.

  1. Anonymous - 2 weeks
  2. Authenticated - 1 year


These settings control the continue shopping option on the cart page.

  1. Continue shopping element

    • Text link (default)
    • Button
    • Do not display (not recommended)
  2. Make continue shopping go back to the last item that was added to the cart (enabled by default) - If this is disabled or the item is unavailable, the URL specified below will be used.
  3. Default continue shopping destination - when left blank, the customer will be returned to the prior page they were visiting before the cart
  4. Custom continue shopping text - allows you to alter the term ‘Continue Shopping’


Drupal automatically adds a Home breadcrumb to the cart page, or you can use these settings to specify a custom breadcrumb.

  1. Cart page breadcrumb text - When left blank, the text defaults to ‘Home’
  2. Cart page breadcrumb destination - When left blank, the breadcrumb text (above) links to the front page.

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