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This document outlines modifications to the In-Store Pick-up feature to display Curbside Pickup information, disabling the Pay At Store feature, as well as changes to the billing address to require phone numbers to contact customers, so stores can make the changes they feel are necessary in light of COVID-19.

Update Check-Out Message and Information for Curbside Pick-Up

  1. Store > Configuration > Checkout
  2. On the left, select ‘Pick-Up Options pane’.
  3. For stores with one location, only the first three fields need modifications.
  4. Change ‘Pick-up option pane header’ to ‘In-Store/Curbside Pickup Options’
  5. Change ‘Pick-up option checkbox title’ to ‘I would like curbside pickup’.
  6. Change ‘Pick-up option checkbox description to ‘Please wait to hear from us that your order is ready!  Then call us 5 mins. before you arrive.’

Disable Pay At Store 

  1. Store -> Configuration -> Payment methods
  2. Click on the checkbox next to Pay at Store to disable this option
  3. Save configuration

Add Phone Number as Required Field to Billing Information

  1. Store > Configuration > Countries & Addresses
  2. Click the Address Fields tab along the top right of the screen
  3. Click the checkbox for Phone Number under the ‘Required’ column.  This field should have two checkmarks, one for enabled and one for required.
  4. Save Configuration.


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