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Stores have the option to create a custom checkout pane within the IndieCommerce checkout flow. In this example, we configure it to offer gift wrapping to customers during the checkout process.

NOTE: The ‘Custom Checkout Pane’ module needs to be enabled for your site. Please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features).


Navigate to:  Store > Configuration > Checkout

  1. Select ‘Custom checkout pane 1 pane’
  2. Complete the form

    1. Custom checkout pane 1 header -  This is the header of the pane. Example: Gift Wrap
    2. Custom checkout pane 1 description - This is the question you are asking. Example: Would you like to gift wrap your order?
    3. Custom checkout pane 1 checkbox label - This is the label of the toggle the customer will mark. Example: Add gift wrap
    4. Custom checkout pane 1 text area label - This is the label of the text field the customer will complete. Example: Write a message
  3. Save Configuration
  4. Using the ‘Drag and Drop’ arrow, place the pane in the preferred order.
  5. Save

Your customer will now see this pane during the checkout process. We recommend you go through the checkout process yourself and review the new pane to confirm it appears and functions correctly.


When your customer uses this pane, the information will be included in a few places:

  1. From the admin side, both the admin order edit screen and the admin order notification email will have a new field displaying this information. For the above example, whether or not gift wrap was selected and what (if any) message was added is indicated.
  2. From the customer side, both the order confirmation and invoice will display the information with the order summary details. For the above example, it indicates whether or not gift wrap was selected and what (if any) message was added.


If you would also like an indication on the Admin Order View regarding this field, it can be added as a field to the display.

Navigate to: Structure > Views > uc_orders (Orders)

  1. Under ‘Fields’ select ‘Add’
  2. Search for ‘custom’ and select ‘Order: Checkbox checked?’ and ‘Order: Custom checkout pane checkbox label’
  3. Apply (this display)
  4. On the Configure field: Order: Checkbox Checked? page leave the settings to the default and select Apply (this display)
  5. On the Configure field: Order: Custom checkout pane checkbox label page leave the settings to the default and select Apply (this display)
  6. Save

You will now see two additional columns on the Admin Order View page (Store > Orders) indicating what the pane was called and whether or not it was selected. You will need to view the order itself to check for any messages provided.


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