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A New Feature! Easy to configure! Easy to use!
The new Free Shipping feature will create a shipping method called ‘Free Shipping’ in your list of shipping quotes, with a base rate and per product rate of $0.00. You can set a minimum order total for this free shipping. The highlight of this feature is that it will display a message alerting customers to how close they are to be eligible for free shipping.
As the customer adds eligible items to their cart, the message will update with the new amount they must add to their cart in order to qualify for free shipping. If a customer adds a product that does not count towards free shipping, a message will appear alerting them the item is not eligible for free shipping. The customer has the option to remove the item(s) or continue shopping with standard shipping options.
This feature is only available for domestic orders and does not apply to international shipping.
To request this feature, navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information & Preferences > Store Features. A member of the IndieCommerce team will alert you once the feature has been enabled.

Configure Free Shipping 

  1. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Shipping Quotes
  2. Click ‘Configure’ next to ‘Free Shipping
  3. Line Item Label: This is how this shipping method will be displayed to customers during checkout. Example: "Free Media Mail Shipping"
  4. Threshold Value: The dollar amount customers need to meet in order to qualify for free shipping
  5. Base Price: Cannot be changed
  6. Default Product Shipping Rate: Cannot be changed
  7. Apply Only for Media Mail: When enabled, free shipping will be available when all items in the cart are eligible for Media Mail. (Does not apply for custom products)
  8. Include Free Shipping For: These are applicable Product Classes that will count towards free shipping. Be sure to enable ABA Product, which includes all books.
  9. Free Shipping Block Reminder Message: Message visible to customers about how far away they are from free shipping. Please retain the token [free_shipping:balance-amount] so customers can see the dollar amount needed for free shipping.
  10. Click ‘Save
  11. Check the box next to ‘Free Shipping’ in your list of shipping rates and click ‘Save Configuration’ to enable this method

Placing the Block

Place the block that alerts customers to their eligibility towards free shipping. This block has already been created, you have to enable the block and place it in a region on the site.
  1. Navigate to Structure > Blocks
  2. Under ‘Disabled’ blocks, find the ‘Free Shipping Reminder’ block
  3. We recommend placing the block in a region towards the top
  4. By default, this block will appear on all pages and we recommend this setting not change
Once these steps have been completed and customers have met the threshold for free shipping with eligible items, they will be able to select the free shipping rate during checkout.


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