IndieCommerce Bulk Importer - Used, Signed, etc.

    This module allows stores to create 'store books', which are custom products that refer to new books available through Ingram but may be different from them. For example, they may represent used copies, signed copies, or unique editions.


    Before using this system, it's important to be up on the basics of custom products. If you've never created a custom product class before, please see the help documentation on

    NOTE: The Store Book module will be enabled on IC sites upon request, please email us to request the module be enabled.


    This module establishes a new product class, ‘Store Book’, with many fields. The basic configuration of this product class and its fields are reserved; however, stores can add additional fields to the class if they wish.


    The following fields are provided:

    • Title (title) - REQUIRED - The title of the book. Required, but will be automatically filled in using information found in the book database if left blank.
    • Sell Price (sell_price) - REQUIRED - must be supplied by the store. We will not assume these copies are for sale at the same price as the new edition.
    • SKU/Model (sku) - REQUIRED - Must be unique and must not be the book’s ISBN number, or any other ISBN. (It can be the book’s ISBN plus additional characters.) Example: 9780393356182S
    • Store Description (body) - A unique description of this copy of this book, provided by the store.
    • Published (published) - REQUIRED - Is the book "published" (active) on the site.  Must be 0 or 1.

    Standard Book Data

    These fields (except ISBN) will be automatically filled in using the data found in the book database if left blank. The store can optionally supply different values themselves, or change them later.

    • ISBN (fld_field_sb_isbn) - The original ISBN of the new edition of the book. Must be a valid ISBN if provided.
    • Primary Author (fld_field_sb_primary_author) - The primary author of the book. Must be in the format Last, First if provided.
    • Additional Authors (fld_field_sb_other_authors) - Any additional authors or contributors to the book. Must be in the format Last, First; Last, First if provided.
    • Binding Type (fld_field_sb_binding_type) - The binding type. Allowed values:

      • Hardcover
      • Paperback
      • Mass Market
      • Board Books
      • Cloth Textbook
      • Compact Disc
      • Imitation Leather
      • Library Binding
      • Leather
      • Loose Leaf
      • MP3 CD
      • Prebound
      • Picture Book
      • Ringbound
      • Slipcased
      • Smyth Sewn
      • Other
    • Publisher (fld_field_sb_publisher) - The publisher of the book.
    • Publication Date (fld_field_sb_pubdate) - The publication date of the book.
    • Book Description (fld_field_sb_description) - The standard publisher’s description of the book.
    • Cover Image (fld_uc_product_image)

    Store Book Data

    • Condition (fld_field_sb_condition) - REQUIRED - Must be one of the following values:

      • New
      • Fine
      • Very Good
      • Good
      • Fair
      • Poor
    • Dust Jacket Condition (fld_field_sb_dj_condition) - If provided, must be one of the following values:

      • New
      • Fine
      • Very Good
      • Good
      • Fair
      • Poor
      • Missing
      • N/A
    • Signed Copy? (fld_field_sb_signed) - Yes/No
    • Inscribed? (fld_field_sb_inscribed) - Yes/No - Did the author write anything in the book in addition to signing it, such as the recipient’s name?
    • Ex-Library? (fld_field_sb_signed) - Yes/No
    • Advance Reading Copy? (fld_field_sb_arc) - Yes/No



    Store books can be created and maintained like any other product on the site. All fields marked REQUIRED above must be provided. Standard Book Data fields will be auto-filled on pre-save if empty.

    • The ISBN must be valid, if provided.
    • Any ISBNs that do not match will be marked as 'Unknown Book' and unpublished so the store can review/add metadata and then publish the product.

    To create a store book product manually navigate to Content > Add Content > Store Book and complete the product form fields as appropriate as outlined in the document above.

    Bulk Upload

    Store books can also be uploaded through the IndieCommerce Bulk Importer. The field import for Store Books has a special validate process that will auto-fill Standard Book Data fields so the store can review them before importing.

    Any ISBNs that cannot be found in the book database, and for which the store did not provide metadata, will be marked as errors and can be downloaded as usual. The store can add their own metadata and re-upload to process these books. (At a minimum, a title is required.)

    To get started, navigate to Store > Products > Import Products Status and locate ‘Store Book’ and select the ‘Up-to-date’ link under ‘Field’ then select Download Blank CSV Template which will download a blank CSV template you can fill in with your Store Book products.

    Additional Options

    If you would like to add additional attributes or want to attach a stock quantity please refer to IndieCommerce Bulk Importer


    Products created within the 'Store Book' content type are not set to be taxed by default.

    Navigate to Store  > Configuration > Taxes

    1. Select ‘edit’ in the tax row
    2. Scroll to ‘Taxed Product Types’ - find 'Store Book':

      • If the checkmark is PRESENT, the product class will be taxed
      • If the checkmark is REMOVED, the product class will not be taxed.
    3. Select 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.
    4. Repeat for ALL Tax options listed until all tax types are modified.