Preferred / Chosen Name for Customers

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Preferred/Chosen Name for Customers

The preferred name field is used for customers whose chosen or preferred name does not match their legal name. Enabling this field ensures that you are addressing your customers as they wish to be addressed. The preferred name option is also a way of respecting this component of an individual's identity, acknowledging the importance of inclusive language, and signaling your store's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

This feature allows customers to enter any name of their choosing, which is then pulled into their order confirmation emails and order information by the system.

If a preferred name is provided, the preferred name will replace in the customer's first name in order confirmation emails, invoices, and on the order page. On the order view page, the preferred name will be listed above the rest of the address fields.

This feature is available by request. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Account Information & Preferences > Store Features to request this feature. The Address Book is required for the Preferred Name feature to work (the Address Book allows customers to save their shipping and billing information to their account).

Enabling Preferred / Chosen Name

  1.  Navigate to Store > Configuration > Countries and Addresses
  2. Click 'Add an Address' field
  3. Under Label enter 'Preferred Name' or 'Chosen Name' (This is what customers will see)
  4. Under Field Name enter 'preferred_name' or 'chosen_name' (This is only what you will see in your address fields)
  5. Save your configuration.
  6. Back on the main page, use the arrows to drag and drop the 'Preferred Name' underneath the 'First Name' field

Pulling Preferred Names into Order Emails

Stores Using Default Order Emails and Invoice Templates

If your store is using the default order confirmation emails and default invoice templates, there are no changes neccessary. If the customer entered a preferred name it will automatically be pulled into order emails and invoice templates.

Stores Using Customer Order Emails and Invoice Templates

To edit your order confirmation emails, you must have your 'Custom Invoice/Emails' feature enabled beforehand. If you do not already have this module enabled, navigate to your features page to request it.

  1. Navigate to Store > Configuration > Orders > Email/Invoice Templates
  2. If you already have custom email templates, use the drop down to select the template you wish to edit.
  3. If you do not already have a custom template, enter a title in the field and click 'Add'.
  4. Under Replacement Patterns, you'll see text and html. These replacement patterns tell the system what information to pull from the order and what readable, human text to replace it with. In this case, we want the preferred name to be reflected, not the first name.
  5. Scroll down and click the expand arrow on replacement patterns. You'll find the field you need underneath Orders > Billing Preferred Name. You are looking for the line that says 'Preferred Name'. (It should contain a piece similar to '[uc_order:billing_ucxf_preferred_name]', and you may need to look under the delivery address)
  6. Paste the replacement pattern in every area the template reads [uc_order:first-name]
  7. Before saving click the Preview button to review your changes.
  8. Save and repeat steps 1-8 for all other templates.




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