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Update: This document has been revised as of 8/17/2021 to include adding store pricing to multiple ISBNs through CSV upload. This update also includes adding markups or discounts to products by dollar amount.
You have full control on the pricing for any book on your website (eBook prices are set by Kobo).


Navigate to: Store > Configuration > Store Pricing > Books
  1. By Model (ISBN) - Individual titles can be marked up or down.

    1. Select  'Add a new ISBN.'
    2. Enter the 13 digit ISBN (no hyphens or spaces) into the ‘Model’ field
    3. Enter  the percentage or dollar amount that you would like to mark up or down (Do not include the % or $ symbol.)
    4. Select 'Discount' or 'Mark Up'
    5. Submit
  2. (NEW) By Model (Multiple ISBNS) - Batches of individual titles can be marked up or down.

    1. Select ‘Add a new ISBN
    2. Check the box labeled ‘Add Store Pricing for Multiple ISBNs
    3. Select your CSV file of ISBNs. You can download a sample template from this page as well. The CSV file is required to follow the format below:

      1. Headers: ISBN, Percent, Amount, Discount/Markup
      2. Titles MUST be in full ISBN-13 format
      3. Amounts and percentages should NOT include the % or $ sign
      4. File extension must be ‘.csv’
    4. Click ‘Upload
    5. Click ‘Submit
  3. Wholesale Discount - The categories are indicated as discount percentages (the discounts given to booksellers by wholesalers) off the retail price of the book. For example, if you choose 40% from the list, and markup or discount that category, all books flagged as having a 40% discount from the wholesalers will be affected by the price change you include. 
  • REG includes books sold at the regular trade discount.
  • LOW includes books that have a wholesaler discount of 30% or less.
  • NET includes titles that are sold at a 0% discount (or NET discount) from the wholesaler to the bookseller. To completely disable the sale of NET titles please see our documentation on Store Preferences.
  1. Each markup of Wholesale Discount Categories is specific to the given category
  2. Select  'Add a New Wholesale Discount Category'
  3. Select a ‘Discount Category
  4. Enter the percentage that you would like to mark up or down (do not include the % symbol)
  5. Select 'Discount' or 'Mark Up'
  6. Submit
  1. Not For Sale - You can upload a file with a list of ISBNs that you do not wish to offer for sale on your site.

    1. Review the requirements for your file
    2. Browse and Upload your file
    3. Customize the message displayed for book that are not for sale
    4. Submit
NOTE: The Not For Sale list is processed 4 times a day, so the status change will not be immediately visible.
NOTE: To 'undo' a Not For Sale file upload, a blank .txt file will need to be uploaded.  As this will not take effect immediately, we recommend doing this about a day before the book(s) need to be available again.
For more details about the Not For Sale upload, please read our full help documentation on this feature.


You can also adjust the price by model from the individual book product page.
Navigate to: (replace ISBN with actual ISBN)
  1. Select the ‘Store Pricing’ tab
  2. Confirm the model # is the correct ISBN
  3. Enter the percentage or dollar amount (Do not include the % or $ symbol)
  4. Select ‘Discount’ or ‘Mark Up
  5. Submit


To find out more about ‘LSI’, please review “Uploading Your Store Inventory”.


Coupons are another method of offering special pricing to your customers. To learn more about offering coupons through your website please review “Coupon Codes”.


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