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Start Date: 
July 1, 2013
End Date: 
August 31, 2013

We’ve price promoted seven brilliant, crime thrillers from around the world: The Golden Scales by Parker Bilal, which follows an exiled Sudanese detective in Egypt; Shadow of the Rock by Thomas Mogford, introduces Spike Sanguinetti, a lawyer turn reluctant PI to help a friend in Gibralter; and Rip Tide by Stella Rimington is about M15 agent Liz Carlye—Dame Rimington was the first female head of M15, giving the series unprecedented authenticity. Conor Fitzgerald’s Commissario Alec Blume series, is an accomplished intellectual crime thriller set in Rome.

As an added bonus, Bloomsbury is also offering a free mystery sampler found here (eISBN 9781620405901).

eISBN Title Author Price Notes
9780802711885 Shadow of the Rock Thomas Mogford $2.99 The first in an exciting new crime series set in Gibraltar and Tunisia, featuring Spike Sanguinetti, a reluctant lawyer who gets dragged into the underbelly of criminal society.
Book two, The Sign of the Cross, published 5/14/13. Book three, The Hollow Mountain, publishes 8/5/14.
9781608197378 Rip Tide Stella Rimington $2.99 When pirates attack a cargo ship off the Somalian coast and one of them is found to be a British-born Pakistani, alarm bells start ringing at Britain's M15. Intelligence Officer Liz Carlyle is brought in to establish how and why a young British Muslim could go missing from his well-to-do family in Birmingham and end up on board a pirate skiff in the Indian Ocean, armed with a Kalashnikov...
‘Liz Carlyle is an MI5 agent with the traditional thriller-heroine mix of dysfunctional personal life and steely ambition' - Daily Telegraph
Dame Stella Rimington was the first female Director General of M15, giving her Liz Carlyle series real authenticity.
9781608197958 The Golden Scales Parker Bilal $2.99 The first in a major new detective series set in modern-day Cairo - moving between its labyrinthine back streets, and its shining towerblocks - and featuring Makana, an exiled Sudanese private investigator, escaping his own troubled past
9781608191154 The Dogs of Rome Conor Fitzgerald $2.99 In this accomplished and riveting thriller, police inspector Alec Blume battles organized crime, political pressure, and his own demons as he investigates the death of Arturo Clemente.
9781608197279 The Fatal Touch Conor Fitzgerald $2.99 Alec Blume returns to action in this intricate and heart-pounding new novel. With the help of his associate Caterina, Blume is called to the scene of a death connected to a spate of muggings. Though the Carabinieri-military police-are trying to control the investigation, Blume, never one to bow to authority, pursues it his own way.

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