Book Club Fiction

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Start Date: 
February 24, 2014
End Date: 
March 10, 2014

Sending some eBook love to book club fans!

eISBN Title Author Book ISBN Promo Price
9780062077585 All That I Am Funder, Anna 9780062077578 $1.99
9780061985287 Balancing Acts Fishman, Zoe 9780061711800 $1.99
9780062048745 Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Franklin, Tom 9780060594671 $1.99
9780061980213 Dwelling Places Wright, Vinita Hampton 9780060859541 $3.99
9780061829970 Flying Changes Gruen, Sara 9780061241093 $1.99
9780062069290 How to Eat a Cupcake Donohue, Meg 9780062069283 $1.99
9780062042446 The Book of Tomorrow Ahern, Cecelia 9780061706318 $1.99
9780062192073 The Colour of Milk Leyshon, Nell 9780062192066 $2.99
9780062206305 The Prisoner of Heaven Ruiz Zafon, Carlos 9780062206299 $1.99
9780062130532 The Roots of the Olive Tree Santo, Courtney Miller 9780062130525 $1.99
9780062041272 The Sisters Brothers deWitt, Patrick 9780062041289 $1.99
9780062248619 The Time of My Life Ahern, Cecelia 9780062248602 $1.99
9780062008725 The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show Gore, Ariel 9780060854287 $3.99
9780062102355 When It Happens to You Ringwald, Molly 9780061809477 $2.99


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